The solution had arrived hours ago. Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi could not ignore the enormous pressure he is experiencing these days not to resign. From Brussels to Washington, via the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, they have recently called on him to reverse the decision made last Thursday to resign. It was like this. In a long and thick speech in the Senate on Wednesday, the former ECB President reviewed the great work of his executive branch over the past 17 months, the reasons for the split and the need to rebuild the unit to make them move can forward. And finally, Draghi relented and left the door open to remain in office. And he essentially attributed it to the tremendous support received over the past few hours. It is now up to the parties to vote as a unit on the motion of confidence in the House of Representatives this afternoon and tomorrow.

The prime minister outlined the challenges ahead that remain for this executive, as some of his best allies had advised him in recent days, and was ready to complete the work if he received the support of the parties.

Draghi arrived at Madama Palace, the seat of Italy’s Senate, after 9.30am and got straight to the point. “Last Thursday I submitted my resignation to the President of the Republic. I made the decision because the majority that has supported this government since its inception was broken. The President refused to resign and asked me to explain to Parliament and to all Italians here today the reasons for a hard-fought and fair election.” Draghi justifies his decision by saying that the only democratic legitimacy a prime minister can have without a ballot is “the greatest possible support from Parliament”. “Especially when you have to make decisions that profoundly affect the lives of citizens.”

The prime minister needed to build a story that would allow him to go back and reverse his violent decision on Thursday. Draghi took carrot and stick with the parties and presented a list of his executive’s major achievements. He spared no praise for the games at this stage. “The credit for these results is yours. For putting your differences aside and working for the good of the country. It was the best response to the President of the Republic’s call and to the urgent need for protection that citizens need,” he said. And then he scolded them for breaking up the unit.

“Unfortunately, the parties have imposed a desire to distinguish themselves on this demand for unification,” he said. He reviewed all the skirmishes of the last few months and shot in particular against the 5 Star Movement and its leader Giuseppe Conte. The vote on Thursday certified the end of the trust pact. Not agreeing to a vote of confidence in a government is a clear gesture. It is not possible to ignore it. It’s not possible to minimize it because it comes after months of beatings and ultimatums.”

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