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Doubtful housing offers for Ukrainian women: Federal police issues evictions from Berlin Central Station and ZOB – Berlin

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After there were reports of dubious offers of accommodation to Ukrainian women when the refugees arrived in Berlin, the federal police issued places at the main train station and ZOB bus station and carried out identity checks. This emerges from a message from the Senate Interior Administration on Friday. However, it was not mentioned in how many cases this happened.

Interior Senator Iris Spranger (SPD) announced in the statement that she wanted to protect the refugees from dubious offers of help. “It’s particularly perfidious and unscrupulous to try to take advantage of people’s plight and this terrible situation for them,” she explained. Faced with “doubtful or criminal offers of help and shelter” to women and children, the security forces reacted immediately.

“Berlin police are aware that at the main train station it was noticed that men were behaving intrusively towards female refugees and aggressively offering them places to sleep,” Spranger’s administration said. Even if, according to the current state of knowledge, the tests have fortunately remained the same, it is necessary to act immediately and take preventive protective measures.

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The police are present “overtly and covertly”, especially at the main railway station, the central bus station (ZOB) and the arrival center of the State Office for Refugee Affairs, according to the statement. Mobile guards are also available 24 hours a day at the main train station and central bus station. The State Criminal Police Office is also on site with an investigation team responsible for the protection of children. (teaspoon/dpa)

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