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Donna Leon releases ‘Give and it will be give to you’: ‘This society worships money and goes nuts when it comes to money’

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The crime writer Donna Leonwho publishes a new novel by Inspector Brunetti “Give and it will be given to you” (Seix Barral), has lamented that today’s society “lives in the culture of money and goes crazy when it comes to it”.

Here in Switzerland there are cases of middle aged people who enter nursing homes through fraud and befriend these old people and after a while convince them to leave everything in their will. And nothing can be done. If there is an opportunity to take advantage of another, it will be done because we live in a culture that worships money,” the author said in a meeting with the press.

In “Papa and it will be given to you”, Commissioner Brunetti tries to solve a new case in a Venice devastated by masks and sick in the midst of a pandemic. In this situation, a group of people will try to use a charity and get rich using these NGOs as fronts.

I don’t think there is a golden facade for NGOs, although it’s probably true that they get a lot of money to pay people and a little for real projects. I don’t know what’s true, but I think it’s ultimately about paying the pockets of a few,” lamented Leon, who nonetheless claims to have been “moderate” towards those organizations in the book. “I didn’t, she did as well as she did badly,” he added.

In any case, Leon remembers that in “Dad and it is given to you” the pandemic is not “so important”. “I don’t want to write about the pandemic because it doesn’t interest me in the slightest, although we’ve all experienced it. In some jeans I took today I found a mask from months ago and that will also happen to someone in 4-5 years: for me it shows how that has been overcome,” he stated.

Leon has changed his place of residence after many years in Venice. Despite this, he continues to place his novels in this place and still laments the current state in which tourism has left the Italian city. “I don’t know if they destroyed it, but they remodeled it. It’s like Barcelona with Las Ramblas, they destroyed it, although not the whole city,” he said.

In Venice, the residents are overwhelmed and always have the loser. It’s not easy to find a table in a restaurant, a cobbler or a place to buy a button. It’s like shopping at Disneyland. And if you need underwear, where do you go? It makes you angry,” he criticized.


The American writer has detailed some of her daily routines at the age of almost 80. For example, he humorously noted that his books are typically around 350 pages long, allowing him to write “a page a day.” “It’s also not like it’s killing me if it looks like it,” he joked, reiterating that the “secret to enjoying yourself is not breaking the bank.”

“The great benefit of success is that you can have a great time, you get to a point where you do what you want and you get to choose, and that’s the best thing,” he added, later recalled this series or the mobile phone.

“I’m very far from modern life, I don’t have Tik Tok, nor Instagram, nor Facebook, although I know what it is. It’s like I’m living in the last century, I don’t know much of the lingo of contemporary life and I’d still like it if I knew. But I prefer Greek tragedies to Netflix without a doubt,” he concluded.

Source europapress.es

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