Dolores Delgado, former Attorney General, in a file picture.Emilio Naranjo Emilio Naranjo (EFE)

Dolores Delgado García resigned as Attorney General this Monday after a two and a half year term full of controversy, rocked by the judiciary and by the main conservative parties. The PP last week set Delgado’s dismissal as a condition for the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary. However, the 59-year-old Attorney General had previously communicated to President Pedro Sánchez her intention to step down from her post due to her multiple health problems, which prevented her from following institutional meetings or traveling normally, as she says in the interview.

Questions. Quit for health reasons?

Answer. Absolutely. I could have had other reasons to go because they often attacked me for telling me this or that, but it’s for health. I can’t continue. I can’t cancel trips because I can’t get on a plane and I can’t cancel institutional meetings in an afternoon because I have to lie down and I can’t crawl and today I have back pain but I have to get up because of two herniated discs be operated on on the left side. when will i do it And I have other things. The first thing I will do when I leave this position is spend a full day with doctors. I couldn’t continue. To be here you have to be 100%.

P Last week, in order to renew the judiciary, the PP demanded that you no longer head the Attorney General’s Office. Are you aware that someone could interpret your resignation in that key?

R I don’t care what they say. I would never give up when I think about what one or the other will say. I take a step to the side. I’m very happy and I’m very proud of what a team of men and women has accomplished, what I’ve accomplished at the Justice Department, and one day everything we produce will be heard, despite the noise that around a lot of things. And here in the Attorney General’s Office, the same thing happened. We have done many things, with a very clear and prominent project, in the areas of vulnerability, human rights, gender. We had the Juana Rivas case, now we have the investigation into what happened to the dead immigrants in Melilla, we have the King Emeritus case, we have appointed 46% of women to senior positions in the prosecutor’s career. .. On the subject of transparency, the last fiscal council was already recorded because I said that we must enter the fiscal council record, then the record is guarded so that we can see it when we need to visualize it … and on others way work.

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P Was the decision difficult for you or did the doctors push you to make it?

R I started last February with severe back problems, I’ve endured as best I can, they admitted me twice, I have two herniated discs… I give myself 120% and life doesn’t give me. I can’t be here under these conditions, so I discussed it with the President. To be here you have to be 100% because physically you have to be up to the task and that means being the same at eight in the evening as you are at eight in the morning.

P And now this?

R I’m returning to the National High Court, I’m a prosecutor. I will not work in a private company, I don’t want that. I have always moved in public space. All my physical problems remain, but I won’t have the stress of being an attorney general, they don’t require the physical surrender of an attorney general. I have 20 business days to take up my post as Anti-Jihad Prosecutor at my destination in the National High Court. After that I will enjoy my vacation for the first time in four years. And then I have to do a lot of medical tests.

P There are people who are saying that you have now resigned so that they can appoint you as the prosecutor of the Supreme Court’s Democratic Memory Chamber.

R I did it because my body is broken and if I had to wait until nobody said anything I would never find the time or the moment.

P When appointing his deputy, Álvaro García Ortiz, who was previously head of the technical secretary of the public prosecutor’s office, did the president of the government raise any objections?

R Álvaro García knows the race very well, he knows it like the back of his hand. He’s from 20 years on the territory, he’s from the grassroots, he was president of the Progressive Union of Prosecutors, he’s an expert on the environment and wildfires. During his time here he managed all institutional relations. I’m very happy because I think he is and will be the best attorney general in the state this career has ever had.

P And feel that the controversy that followed you might now be related to your resignation?

R I repeat that I cannot continue even if I wanted to, this position is very demanding to be useful to society and to uphold citizens’ rights. And that is not compatible with a person who is not 100%. I don’t care what they say, but I would like to emphasize that I am very satisfied with the work that we have done, with the people that I have proposed to take over key areas of the prosecution. To give just a few examples, with Teresa Peramato on gender-based violence, with Beatriz Sánchez on foreign policy, with Eduardo Esteban on minors, with the Deputy Prosecutor of the Supreme Court… I am very pleased with the great team that remains here. And with all the reports we’ve done and the training we’ve given. Despite all the noise, all the banter and everything else, it was worth it.

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