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Does Rosalia practice strange rituals? This is how several theories stemming from a dance by the artist point

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August 1, 2022 at 4:20 p.m.

La Rosalía has become trending on TikTok for a weird dance she performed in one of her presentations during the “Motomami Tour”. The Catalan was seen making movements with her head, while her body is tilted and she has the sound of drums as background music. However, several theories have been created by the users of this social network.

One of the most viral videos is that of a user of the account @pelonete0who assured that no one understands what the current girlfriend of Rauw Alejandro does, because according to him, she is an artist “Illuminati that maintains pacts with a ruling elite.”

Thus, this incomprehensible choreography which left all its fans flabbergasted, opened a debate where the interpreter of “Saoko” is linked to dark and satanic issues.

Similarly, in another user clip @atmanjaliparanormal Under the idea of ​​”ritual”, he specifies that the artist does this because she entered a moment of trance. It refers to the fact that it can be an invocation, a thank you or a pact.

Likewise, in other videos posted by other fans, they recorded moments when Rosalie makes weird sounds from the stage.

Faced with this, the singer did not give an explanation of what she did on stage. Moreover, what has spread through ICT Tac falls into theories that have no real basis and remains in pure speculation.

Who are the Illuminati?

This order was established in the 18th century in Europe, exactly in Bavaria, Germany in 1776. The goals of the organization were to put an end to obscurantism and church dogma.

Years later it was disbanded, although some historians have noted that once deemed illegal it began to operate underground.

Even to the point of linking them to participation in major historical events. For example, being the ones who founded the United States, and now from this nation to dominate the world, according to collected research.

Source metroecuador.com

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