Darkness plays a fundamental role in the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates the sleep-wake cycle and synchronizes our biological clock. For this reason, sleep experts recommend avoiding artificial light — or the blue light from screens — before bedtime, and providing the room we sleep in with blackout blinds or curtains that darken the room.

There are times when, for various reasons, these conditions are not met and other solutions must be resorted to. In my case, needed to darken –to facilitate a baby’s sleep– two rooms in the house equipped with blinds that do not completely seal the windows, especially in the months of the year with more daylight hours. The blinds were not a solution in these rooms either, as the light from outside was filtered through the sides due to the slight separation from the window. So after discovering them through the recommendation on-line from a sleep consultant, I decided to give it a try These curtains can be attached directly to the windows.

This is a proposal from the British company EasyNight – specializing in blackout curtains – which is marketed in a portable cotton bag to take with you when you travel It is attached to the window frame using very resistant felt and Velcro strips. This simple system makes it easy The edges are fully glued to the windows and that the laying of the fabric completely darkens the interior of the room.

For at home or on vacation

Since I had to use them daily, in addition to taking them off and on several times, It was necessary that the velcro was of quality and did not come off. The truth is, After almost a year of use, I can say that this was the case and I have never had any problems in this regard.

To fix them properly, two types of glue are applied: some with felt face and others with velcro. Once the area where they are to be placed has been chosen, simply remove a sheet to release the adhesive and press the surface into place. The velcros need to be placed on the frame, the felts on the fabric, just being careful to line them up exactly. Both have proven effective: When the curtain is raised they support the weight and do not move from their place when pulled to remove it. The windows I’ve installed them on are PVC, but the company states they can even be used on wooden or painted frames.

In my case, the model I bought also had built-in suction cups. I have not used them, but according to the manufacturer they are special useful when traveling. They allow you to attach the curtains directly to the glass and avoid leaving any type of residue, for example in a transit accommodation or in a holiday home.

They adapt to windows of different sizes

Another feature that I found it very useful that the curtains can be cut to the size you want. What makes EasyNight possible is great fabric (At Amazon you can choose between two sizes: 1.5 x 1.45 meters or 2 x 1.45 meters) and everyone can use the part proportional to the window to be covered. In my case, there was enough material for one large window, two smaller windows and there was still product left.

The opacity of the fabric is sufficient and it does not fray when cut. Another advantage for the summer months is that Keeps the room cool as the outside is silver coated to reflect heat and light. When not in use, it can be easily detached and folded for storage. In case you need additional adhesives, EasyNight also sells them this Packages with accessories.

*All purchase prices contained in this article are as of 07/28/2022.

Source elpais.com

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