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“Do not believe the propaganda. They are lying to you here”: woman bursts into news on Russian state television – politics

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With a protest sign and loud shouts, an opponent of the war on Russian state television caused the main news of the night to be interrupted. During the live broadcast on Monday at 21:00 Moscow time (19:00 CET), the woman suddenly jumped into the frame with a sign that read “Stop the war. Don’t believe the propaganda. They’re going to lie to you here.”

She cried out loud several times: “No war, no war, no war!” Then the transmission stopped and images of a hospital were shown.

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The excerpt from the video spread immediately on social networks. Above all, the Russian opponents praised the woman for her bravery. “What courage really means,” pianist Igor Levit wrote on Twitter.

In Russia, the media is prohibited from calling the Russian invasion of Ukraine a “war” or an “invasion.” Instead, there is official talk of a “special military operation.”

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