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Disney Mirrorverse, the action role-playing game featuring Disney and Pixar worlds, is coming to Android and iOS

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MADRID, June 27th. (Portaltic/EP) –

Disney Mirrorverse: The Other Side of the Looking Glassthe new team action role-playing game from Kabam in collaboration with Disney and Pixar Games is available for free download worldwide for iOS and Android devices.

The video game immerses players a universe of worlds inspired by Disney and Pixar filmswhere they must assemble a team of Guardians to defend themselves against the Fractured, an evil menace seeking to infest the mirror universe.

These guardians are each characters from the studio films such as Ariel, Scar, Sulley, Baymax or Maleficent with unique skills. As the player progresses, the list of guardians grows longerwhich offers more opportunities to form teams of three for real-time action battles.

Includes Disney Mirrorverse: The Other Side of the Looking Glass a story modewhich allows you to follow a narrative line with tasks and missions, but also story missionsthat expands the main story or introduces side stories with heroes and villains every few months.

That event questsfor its part, it allows you to take part in limited-time missions that allow you to obtain characters, prizes and unique progression items while Alliance Missions Introduce collaborative play to complete event goals and earn rewards based on rank achieved by competing against other alliances.

Along with these four game modes, players will also find the Tower of Difficulties, which allows for increasingly difficult encounters with a themed team of Guardians to earn progression items. Also the dangerous dungeons, where they can compete against other players and alliances in constantly changing dungeons.

Disney Mirrorverse: The Other Side of the Looking Glass is available now in streaming mode on the Apple and Google app stores. Free download with in-app purchases.

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