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Discover the seven types of rest recommended by specialists

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With the types of rest, the clinical psychologist cruz dewon your Instagram account inward focusrefers to the ways to re-energize and recharge in each of the areas where we exhaust ourselves, by using it.

physical rest

These are the energy replenishing activities of our body. It is obtained with active physical rest (relaxing activities such as stretching and massage) and passive physical rest (night sleep and nap).

mental break

We can become mentally drained from the number of challenges we face on a daily basis, such as work assignments, academic homework, or managing our finances.

To achieve this, follow these tips:

  • Practice mindfulnessfocus on the present.
  • keep a diarywriting can help clear your mind.
  • Take scheduled breaks few minutes as you deal with your responsibilities for the day.

There are emotionally demanding situations, in which you repeatedly experience intense emotionality or sudden mood swings, that require better self-regulation.

How is it achieved?

  • Work in the effective management of emotions.
  • grateful situations that cause me emotional damage and alienate me.
  • Learning to validate my feelings.

Difficulty setting assertive boundaries, inability to communicate what we think and feel, an unhealthy work environment, or other dysfunctional social interactions can leave us socially drained.

How is it achieved?

  • observe whether the relationships in which I invest my time and my space, add to me or exhaust me.
  • Learning say no
  • Having spaces with me and for me.

Our senses are bombarded by a tremendous amount of stimuli, we need sensory breaks.

How is it achieved?

  • Planning spaces to close your eyes in silence, a few minutes during the day.
  • Logout electronic devices more regularly.

It gives us the opportunity to experience, discover and enjoy activities that stimulate our ability to create and/or find solutions to our problems.

It is obtained by participating in creative activities and by exposing oneself to new situations, environments and places..

It happens when we connect with someone bigger than ourselves who can give us purpose and a sense of belonging.

How is it achieved?

  • join me in communities where people share my faith or my philosophy of life.
  • Manufacturing volunteering.
  • pray and/or meditate.

Source metroecuador.com

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