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Discover the characteristics of successful people

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Success is not due to a theoretical talent: rather it consists of a mixture of different attitudes and abilities. Robert J. Sternberg highlights common traits in people who get what they want.

They are motivated

Do you really want what you want in life? Do you give up your efforts when you start the first obstacles? Do you get discouraged if the results of your projects are delayed?

To be successful, you must desire it internally. People with successful intelligence combine internal and external motivation: find a way to obtain external rewards.

They control their impulses

When faced with a problem, do you rush to solve it without stopping to think? Are people often surprised by your unpredictable reactions? Does your mood change as much as your intentions?

successful people act more from experience than from impulse; if they don’t have it, take the time to think on the most appropriate decision according to each situation.

They know how to persevere

Failures leave you totally demotivated or frustrated? Does the misunderstanding of others or your lack of support easily make you give up on your efforts? When you make up your mind on something and find an insurmountable barrier, don’t you know how to give up?

those who succeed, they persevere; but when it becomes clear that they are going nowhere, they are also able to see that the time has come to give up.

They take advantage of their skills

Do you analyze whether you are good at the task, career or job you have chosen? Do you feel like you got into situations that are important to you? Do you often feel insecure in your job?

Those who achieve what they want, know their virtues and know how to highlight them. They are also aware of their limitsand this allows them to minimize their mistakes.

They translate ideas into action

Do you solve other people’s problems better than your own? Have you often felt “locked in your thoughts”? In times of stress, do you feel stuck in action?

Smart people for success puts decisions into action, but also knows how to wait.

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