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Discount for four months: France wants to reduce the price of fuel by 15 cents per liter – politics

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In view of the enormously high fuel prices, the French government wants to grant a discount of 15 cents per litre. Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on Saturday night that the benefit should apply for four months from April. On twitter.

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In an interview with the French newspaper “Le Parisien”, Castex said that the discount should be given directly at the points of sale, although the normal price would still be visible there. Customers would then receive the discount at checkout, and it would apply to all fuels.

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According to Castex, the step will cost the State around two billion euros. The sellers would be compensated by the inheritance. Castex urged oil companies and distributors to make an additional gesture to allow further price reductions for consumers.

Hans also sees an opportunity for reductions in Germany

In Germany, Saarland Prime Minister Tobias Hans (CDU), who is currently campaigning, believes that a fuel price reduction of around 50 cents per liter is possible. “From the current 2.15 euros per liter of Super E 10, we can reach a price of 1.62 euros per liter with a fuel price brake, that is, 53 cents cheaper than today,” he said. Hans of the “Rheinische Post” in Düsseldorf. This will be possible thanks to a temporary reduction of VAT to seven percent.

“We were able to do that in a few days during the corona pandemic, and that must now also be done in an urgent procedure between the Bundestag and the Bundesrat,” he told the newspaper. In a second step, energy taxes would have to be reduced to the minimum allowed by the EU for a limited period of time.

“In this way we can get out of two euros and more per liter of fuel,” said the prime minister, who has to face state elections in the Saarland at the end of the month. It is also important to him that “there is a sign that we are taking action. Prices should not always go up.” (dpa, afp)

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