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Discord announces that the “app” for Android will be updated at the same time as those for iOS and PC

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MADRID, Aug 3 (Portaltic/EP) –

discord has announced that it will submit its application in the coming weeks Android will be updated concurrently with versions of iOS and PC (desktop), thanks to the centralization and optimization of the development process.

The instant messaging platform, which includes text, voice and video chat, has “historical” Your updates for your desktop version and iOS, as you confirm in a statement published on his blog.

With this in mind, the company has centralized and streamlined its development process across all the platforms on which it is present, creating a sense of “consistency“Among all.

The platform ensures that they have built their “app” for Android from scratch ReactNativeMeta’s Javascript-based “framework” on which the “App” for iOS has been based since 2015.

Thanks to this renewal strategy, the company is no longer forced to develop two completely different applications using two different languages will retain design details and interface elements of each operating system.

React Native allows us to streamline and consolidate our processes, which helps our engineers work more efficiently and release updates more frequently.

Likewise, Discord makes sure it respects them “specific patterns” the customization layer of your “app” on Android and iOS, but at the same time you realize that the different versions of your application share design details to create some cohesion between them.

As an example, the platform points out that Android users who download the “app” for the first time will see a larger font size, similar to that of iOS. Existing users of the application have their turn change it in the Configuration section.

Android users will also enjoy a faster update release cycle, allowing them to access these updates at the same time as iOS and PC users.

Discord assumes that the arrival of this new version will take place for Android “In the next weeks” and that the application will be automatically updated on the devices on which it has already been downloaded.

Source europapress.es

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