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Dippoldiswalde can do it

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The Saxon town of Dippoldiswalde, nicknamed Dipps by the people who live there, has survived four catastrophes so far. In the 17th century it was burned down twice by mercenary looters, and in the 19th century it was burned down again. At the beginning of the new millennium, the floods reached the Ore Mountains. There has been a new disaster for a week. Germany’s most controversial and therefore probably best-known judge has moved into the local district court, the self-confessed right-wing extremist Jens Maier. The former AfD parliamentarian practices his learned profession there.

Maier’s omissions were unbearable

Maier’s omissions as a politician were beyond tolerable. It is a victory for the political landscape that he has been expelled from the Bundestag. Maier had come to the fore before his term with a decision on the right to express his views. Six years ago, at the request of the NPD, he ordered an injunction against a political scientist who had correctly claimed that the NPD was planning racist state crimes. Maier erroneously treated this view as a statement of fact rather than the opinion that he was. It will not have been stupidity, but partisanship. Of course, the decision was later reversed.

Disciplinary proceedings are ongoing and a judge’s indictment is under review.

Maier’s rehire could possibly have been avoided. Things are complicated. The Department of Justice wants to remove it, disciplinary proceedings are ongoing. The SPD parliamentary group turned the corner with the opinion that it would have been better to ban him from returning to work from the start. In addition to the changes in the law against future repetitions, the accusation of a judge in the Federal Constitutional Court, the first in history, is also analyzed. A new opinion on this will be issued shortly.

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Best of luck in all projects. The right-wing extremist in the robes of a judge is an embarrassment to the judiciary. On the other hand, the full political and media concentration of the public in this Maier case shows that there does not seem to be a second or a third in a comparable category. And if there was, then the judges have not yet come to the fore as agitators. On both counts, it would be a gratifying find.

Vigilance is important, as is a sense of proportion.

Vigilance is important, as is a sense of proportion. In this respect, it is also gratifying that the “Action Plan Against Right-Wing Extremism” presented by the Federal Ministry of the Interior has so far not met the expectations of some who want to thoroughly scrutinize the public service. The State must be careful with the attitude tests of its direct subordinates. Otherwise, you could act as a deterrent as an employer. In Dippoldiswalde, Judge Maier will deal with it for the time being. Dippoldiswalde has survived worse.

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