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Did you have a sunburn? The Aftersun of a Lifetime is the bestseller on Amazon for less than 7 euros

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We describe the most popular aftersun on Amazon to moisturize the skin after sunbathing.

Sometimes, whether out of hubris or just plain negligence, ultraviolet rays ruin part of our vacation by causing our skin to turn red after sun exposure. Places like the beach or pool with a high direct UV index are constantly dehydrating him; Summer is a time when extreme precautions must be taken. Therefore himor it is more successful to fall back on the classic aftersun, the one of all life. in the THE COUNTRY SHOW WINDOW We found the bestseller on Amazon with an improved formula and at a price of less than 7 euros.

It is a cosmetic product of the specialized brand Ekran and which has climbed to first place in its category with a very high grade point average: 4.6 out of 5 stars. The format in which it is sold is familiar size (400 ml) and has become market-leading post-sun milk in 2021according to the rating company Nielsen.

Its more than 2,000 reviews on the platform refer to the properties that every good aftersun must have: how is it moisturizing power, the softness it brings, the aroma that remains impregnated in the skin either receptivity, among other. “It works very well. Relieves itching from burns and reduces redness,” says one user.

High antioxidant power, instant relief and 24-hour repair action

Ecran’s Aftersun is a cosmetic with a high antioxidant power due to the use of the formula called Cellular Defense, which prevents oxidative stress on the skin caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. Transforms into an ideal natural barrier with the prevents premature reddening of the skin. In addition, it contains no alcohol, dyes or silicones and is a biodegradable and vegan product with proven clinical effectiveness.

In addition, rehydrate the skin, prevent peeling and reduce body temperature These are three of the added benefits of using Ecran Aftersun. And it does so immediately, prolonging its repairing action by 24 hours and leaving a light film on the skin. “It absorbs very quickly and has a distinctive smell,” add a second user.

Preserves the effect of the tan longer

Another benefit that comes with it after sunscreen we find it in the quality it values prolong the tan for weeks. A benefit that some of the users who have already tried the product have been able to subscribe to, as Rocio points out: “As always, the Ecran brand does not disappoint, it is very refreshing and moisturizing and gives a slightly radiant sensation as it seems to enhance the tan.”

Then, How should this type of cream be applied? Whether you’re sunburned or not, it’s ideal to apply after a warm shower to help you remove sand, chlorine and sweat residue from sunscreen. After this step, all that remains is to enjoy the feeling of freshness when applying it to the body and face.

“What can I say!… The lifetime cream your mother and grandmother used to put on after swimming in the pool or on the beach”, another user congratulates. Don’t wait any longer and get Ecran’s Aftersun to protect you and your loved ones all summer long at a great price: for only 6.44 euros.

*All purchase prices contained in this article are as of June 18, 2022.

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