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Did they make Bad Bunny nervous? Brad Pitt starred in a ‘Bullet Train’ red carpet scene

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Bad Bunny and Brad Pitt They were caught in a very strange moment on the red carpet of ‘High-speed train’, also known as “Bullet Train” in Spanish, the most recent film where the renowned actor and the Puerto Rican will star on a giant screen.

A video is circulating on TikTok which has no context, but it is Internet users who have tried to interpret what happened between the actors. Users commented, replied and had fun with this clip.

In the video, bad bunny and Brad Pitt pose for the cameras, but at the time, Pitt He placed his hand above Bad Bunny’s waist and spoke to him very close. Apparently the reggaeton singer made him a little nervous that he decided to laugh about what happened.

“Benito represents all of us who are shy,” one user commented. “Brad Pitt is the kind of guy who would try to talk to him in Spanish,” said another. “Brad is a guy…and how are you this Saturday?” Was another comment.

The film is immersed in the story of five hitmen who find themselves aboard a bullet train traveling from Tokyo to Morioka until they discover that their missions are not unrelated to each other. others. In the trailer, you can see a fight scene between Bad Rabbit and Brad Pitt.

The red carpet highlighted several moments where the Hollywood actor spoke highly of the Puerto Rican and shared what their relationship has been like and what it was like working with him in a film.

“He was ready from the start, he was prepared, he understood the jokes and he did it very well (…) I’m happy to be in a Bad Bunny movie,” said Brad Pitt.

Bad Bunny was also asked about the viral video where he kisses a fan and they asked him if he has a girlfriend or multiple girlfriends like the song. The rabbit replied that he had many all over the world.

Source metroecuador.com

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