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DFS: air traffic over Germany is recovering rapidly


LANGEN – After two years of the Corona crisis, air traffic in Germany has recovered considerably. In the first half of 2022, more than 1.2 million flight movements were recorded under instrument rules, as German air traffic control (DFS) reported on Wednesday in Langen near Frankfurt.

This corresponded to 76% of the level before the 2019 crisis. DFS boss Arndt Schoenemann expects a further increase during the year, so that 85% is expected for the entire l ‘year. He said: “We are seeing a rapid increase in traffic after the Corona crisis.”

More is already happening in individual sectors of airspace than before the pandemic hit. In particular, the airspace above 7.5 kilometers monitored by the center of Karlsruhe is heavily used because piloting capacities have decreased in neighboring countries. This is due, on the one hand, to the consequences of the closures of airspace over Russia and Belarus and to changes in the air traffic control system in France.

Corridors cleared for mostly short-term military flights also reduce airspace efficiency. On the other hand, there is still significantly less traffic in Germany’s lower airspace than in the years before Corona.

Air traffic over Germany increased only slightly by 14.3% last year after the Corona trough in 2020. 1.67 million take-offs, landings and overflights meant a density of traffic that was last observed only in 1991.

Civilian cargo and passenger jets as well as military aircraft fly under instrument rules. They are monitored and guided by controllers in higher level centers and in airport towers. For air traffic control, the drop in the number of controlled flights also translates into a significant drop in revenue from charges, without personnel and infrastructure costs being able to be reduced to the same extent.

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Source aero.de

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