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Destruction of Russia: Putin’s war also harms his own country – Opinion

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Vladimir Putin wants to conquer and occupy a state, Ukraine. However, by doing so, he seriously endangers another state: his own.

The president of Russia is doing a lot to destroy a state, Ukraine. It is not clear whether he will succeed in this, because at the moment it seems that the civilian population has more to fear from Putin’s army than from the Ukrainian armed forces. Ukraine is waging a people’s war against the invaders, while Russia is waging a war against the Ukrainian people, and by no means only against the army. Furthermore, the attack has resulted in a surprisingly unanimous reaction in Europe and in the West calling for Putin’s war. Russia is isolated, even China now refuses to supply aircraft parts. Vladimir Putin wants to destroy a state. At the moment, it seems that he is also quite successful in destroying a second state: Russia.

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