There is no trace of the song on Spotify. It also can’t be found on Apple Music or any music platform. You can’t even pay to listen to it. And yet despise It’s a strong contender for song of the summer. Welcome to a new way of creating a pop hit. Rosalía is of course the teacher, the artist who is always two steps ahead.

Last night at the WiZink Center in Madrid, in the sixth concert of the Motomami tour, the singer crowned a new concept: to make a hit that has not yet been officially released. When I was in the concert for an hour, it started playing despise and a pavilion filled with 15,000 people began singing the song. A topic raised by the public in previous concerts and on social networks. It was symbolic that at this very moment, around 20 previously selected followers shared the stage with the star to dance the song. The song of the people for the people. Rosalía wanted to bring more relevance to the moment with a popular live poll. “What would you like to be called? from Lao to Lao either Disappointed?”.Disappointment!”, yelled until the last occupant of the WiZink. And Madrid officially christened the new jewel of Spanish pop.

If anyone is wondering where music is drifting to today, the phenomenon despise It is a good example to mark the address. “Rosalía unsettles us all. What he does is a wonderful combination of planning and improvisation. He breaks plans all the time. The meetings of these days of the sector always start with: “You have seen what Rosalía has done!”. We are all waiting for his next move,” says Fernando Delgado, 51 and 25 in the Spanish music industry, now Director of Pias Iberoamérica, a sales, promotion and Marketing.

The Story of Triumph despise It starts on July 6th in Almeria’s bullring. Motomami tour begins, a journey that will take the Catalan singer through 17 countries. In Spain he adds 12 concerts in 10 cities as he gives a double in Madrid (July 19th and 20th) and Barcelona (July 23rd and 24th). Hours before the concert in Almería, the singer herself announces on social networks the repertoire that she will perform, something quite unusual and an example of how this artist works: instead of giving the accredited journalists the list of songs of the concert with the announcement sending of “don’t publish until the talk is over” (that’s how all stars work), Rosalía makes it public so that people can go to the show with the script they’ve learned.

Among the 31 themes, three new ones appear: isolationmoney and freedom Y new mambo, a piece whose musical style is known (Mambo — later we will verify that it is not so Mambera —) but not the title. The 12,000 people who come to the Almería Fair dance new mambo, but they are a bit cold because they don’t know the lyrics. The topic is called lao to lao, because part of the letter says “I’m taking it off Side by side”. The next day, dozens of videos of the concert spread through social networks, in particular YouTube and TikTok. This last social network is key to their strategy. The concert is an extension of this surprising presentation that he made of the album in March mummy on tik tok.

Forty-eight hours after the first live show of the tour and before the second date (Seville, July 9), the singer publishes (always on her networks) that she is thinking about it lao to lao Mean despise. At La Cartuja Stadium in Seville and in Granada (July 12), audiences are already singing it, albeit reluctantly. The big push started on July 13: the singer published a video on TikTok 35 seconds of what is already popularly known despise.

Rosalía, recorded by herself, appears in the video pretending to be talking on the phone, lying on the bed and then dancing wildly. He searches him in comfortable clothes and with his hair in two pigtails. Everything like walking around the house. There we have the music and the choreography. Madness from here. TikTok serves as the song’s main drummer. Children, adults, grandparents, celebrities… Everyone performs their own Replays from despise. Some opt for a similar choreography as Rosalía, others create a new, complex styling changes included. At the end of this article, amateur videos accumulate two million views. The Eurovision Chanel releases theirsthe influencer Maria Pombo contributes its vision and triggers the reproductions (it has 2.7 million followers), participants of Reality The island of temptations add to the fever…

The fuse is already lit. On July 14th the Motomami Tour arrives in Fuengirola, Málaga. and the spectators are already singing along at the top of their lungs. As with previous direct shows, the venue is littered with cellphones. While other artists get annoyed with their fans because they record the concerts with their phones, she is happy about the screens (reminder: TikTok is constantly winked at from the set). The more cell phones, the more videos go from screen to screen the next day.

The apotheosis comes on the following date, Valencia. Rosalía stops the song in the middle and says: “I find it very strong that you sing it”. She then begins to sing it a cappella, but eventually surrenders to the audience: she points the microphone at the crowd, and everyone there sings her. It’s a short song, a minute and a half (that’s how long it takes live while waiting for the official recording), which isn’t reggaeton (but yes), which isn’t bachara either (but a little bit yes) and which has an infectious rhythm and a message of feminine power. Musically, Rosalía offers something different with a letter of that, despite: “Infant, Don’t call me, I’m busy forgetting about your illnesses. / I have already decided that you will go out tonight with all mine moms, With all mine girl.

Every day, more people are getting on board with videos they are sharing on the internet and the topic is growing in popularity, fueled by the impact of the tour. In the networks, requests for the release of the song are piling up. We select one of the hundreds of messages in this sense: “The tiktoker they dance despair, the streets sing despair, my grandma knows despise. What are you waiting for to reveal it, Rosalía?”. But it won’t arrive for another couple of weeks to complete an unprecedented operation in Spanish pop: building a summer hit if it’s not yet released.

How much planning is there in all this? Answers Raquel Fernández, in charge the strategy marketing digitally by Sorti Studio, Company dedicated to managing social media accounts: “Few things that happen on social media happen by accident. The social channels of all brands (including brand Artist) You are the biggest source of publicity out there. Transmission speed, capture performance and of course repetition. Videos like Rosalía’s are based precisely on the latter”. Fernández analyzes the context in which he triumphed Deny: “It’s a strategy video marketing who manages to viralize the content in a way innocent. A letter representing us, humor and dance brought to life by an international artist, with enough repercussions to grab the attention of thousands of followers at the moment. Support from influencers with many followers. And all this compressed into 30 seconds of video. It’s a matter of hours for any of us to learn the lyrics, whether you’ve attended the concert or even like the song. In less than a day, thousands of people can have the song in their heads. And there we have the success of the summer.”

Image of the audience at the Rosalía concert in Madrid last night. Claudia Alvarez

Few international stars manage their networks personally. Rosalie yes. And it shows that the artist, although he turns 30 in a few months (September 25), knows the casuistry of the youthful audience. “A lot of his videos are shot from the ground with a cell phone like teenagers do because they don’t use a tripod. It is also evident in these head movements, which are almost manga-like, very naive, and which are recorded by young people. You identify with her. They see it fenced in,” says Delgado.

“Why don’t you take it despise on Spotify?” wondered one follower as she left the WiZink Center in Madrid after an hour and a half of Rosalía’s triumphant concert. Even the venue’s official account posted a tweet on the subject: “Can Rosalía pull this out now? Disappointed?”. A reputation that Pedro Almodóvar and Belén Esteban certainly shared when they greeted each other in the stadium’s stands last night: Rosalía as a meeting place for unprejudiced Spain.

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