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Deshaun Watson will reportedly meet with the Browns on Tuesday

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Baker Mayfield could be upset.

The Cleveland Browns are interested enough in Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson to meet with him. According to multiple reports, the Browns will sit down with Watson on Tuesday in Houston.

Tuesday will be a busy day for Watson, as attorney Tony Buzbee is scheduled to question him in pending civil actions against Watson. News of the first lawsuit filed against Watson broke 52 weeks ago today.

Despite the impending declaration, Watson met with the Saints and Panthers on Monday, also in Houston. Some would say that he should devote himself entirely to preparing for his deposition. It will be an experience unlike any he has ever endured. And if it goes wrong, the teams currently interested in him may have second thoughts.

As explained Monday, at least one potentially interested team realizes the potential significance of Tuesday’s testimony. They all should, frankly. Everyone should want to watch the video and read the transcript of the many in which Watson faces what could be a withering interrogation from Buzbee.

Some people from the Browns might also be online for some tough questions. Mayfield is the current starter, on contract through 2022 and recovering from surgery on his non-throwing shoulder. He has a fully guaranteed salary of $18.8 million for 2022. If the Browns were to absorb Mayfield’s $35 million salary, they would presumably want to get rid of Mayfield’s salary.

Potential destinations at this point would, in theory, include the Colts, and perhaps the other teams who met with Watson on Monday, the Saints and Panthers. Seattle could also be an option.

By trading Watson, the Texans would free up more than $24 million in salary-cap space in 2022.

Deshaun Watson will reportedly meet with the Browns on Tuesday. Originally appeared on Pro Football Talk.

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