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Deselecting Rainer Koch: A void that suits the DFB – Sport

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The Rainer Koch system in the German Football Association has been deselected. The vice president of all life, owner of the fans and -above all- of the DFB statutes, has been spoiled by his last move. Confident that he would wear down his internal association critics in the proven manner even before a fight vote, Koch probably only engaged in a duel with a secret ballot; his Bavarian state association had even patronizingly nominated opposition candidate Silke Sinning. And then Sinning, a real career changer in the DFB, proved that no one in this store can intimidate her.

He walked into the Bütt and told the delegates to their faces: that it was up to all of them to make sure that the situation in the chaos association was clear. In a matter now disapproved of by 95 percent of the football grassroots, in which the prosecution is a permanent guest – and Rainer Koch, clearly recognizable, is at the center of the earthquake.

No more excuses, was his message. cook or sin Lo and behold, the largely unknown exercise science professor won a landslide victory, with a vote of 163 to 68. This shows two things: It’s time to confront the buddy association with women. This gang of men even managed to avoid that during the election campaign; The women’s initiative around Katja Kraus and Co. finally gave up upset.

Secondly, this avalanche shows how big the rejection of Koch really was in the DFB and how enormous the pressure of the omnipresent power grabber on associations, officials and full-time employees must have been. Now everything could be unleashed in a huge purging process, which had opened the unexpected possibility of a secret vote: everyone suddenly dared to finally express what would otherwise only be whispered behind closed doors.

All the files, all the internal payment transactions of the last few years must be on the table.

The DFB is now in a vacuum, but in this case that’s a good thing. For months, Koch and Co. had fixed everything, people they trusted could walk into old offices and often new ones like a knife through butter. Now the train that Koch put on the rails is leaving without the driver. This is a cultural break in the DFB. It remains to be seen whether it will also be a new beginning, which the association of millions has always written on its flag. But Koch is gone and the opportunity is there.

DFB Bundestag: The new DFB Vice President: Silke Sinning.

The new vice president of the DFB: Silke Sinning.

(Photo: Simon Hofmann/Getty Images for DFB)

Without the great shadow strategist, the association’s internal team, Koch, also has to reorient itself. To this team belongs the newly elected First Vice President Ronny Zimmermann, a civil servant with an interesting DFB CV; but also the new president Bernd Neuendorf. He now has to prove from the start that he can really lead the association into the future; just as he had explained to Congress when hardly anyone expected Koch to leave.

So there is a lot of work ahead of Neuendorf. But the top priority is clear. Because not only the coup de grâce for Koch, but also the announced resignation of treasurer Stephan Osnabrügge (against whom investigations are still ongoing) is a clear statement from within the association: Clean! All the files, all the internal payment transactions from the last few years should be on the table. The focus is on the new treasurer Stephan Grunwald.

The start of the new DFB also includes, last but not least, an accurate assessment of those full-time employees who, despite being well endowed with offices with high levels of responsibility, have never been moderately noticed and much less critical. Iron loyalty should not exceed a certain level, especially in the general secretary and the legal department. Otherwise, loyalty becomes a burden. In delicate cases even overnight.

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