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Deputy Francesc de Dalmases to a journalist, according to TV-3 internal report: “You betrayed me”


An internal report prepared by TV-3 to clarify MP Francesc de Dalmases’ coercion of a journalist on the programme frequently asked Questions confirms that the politician reacted violently after the television interview that Laura Borràs was subjected to last Saturday, July 9th. The document provided by TV-3 confirms that after the appearance of the leader of Junts per Catalunya on the screen at midnight, Dalmases locked a journalist from the program in a room and dedicated a series of insults and accusations to her : “You betrayed me”. , “You broke your word” and “You can’t do this to me” are expressions that are part of the MP’s censorship speech, which works closely with Laura Borràs. In fact, the report highlights that the then Speaker of Parliament had not yet been suspended from office given the turn the situation was taking, she even called Dalmases to order and asked him to calm down.

The Control Commission of the Catalan Audiovisual Media Corporation (CCMA) unanimously voted this Friday for Dalmases to make statements on the events in Parliament, a decision taken by the groups after gaining access to the investigation prepared by the management of the public chain which bears the signature of their manager Sigfrid Gras. Most groups considered the research insufficient. “I don’t know what else they want to feed us,” Sigfrid Gras replied to the members of the commission, arguing that those responsible are responsible from the outset frequently asked Questions They “reduced iron” from the facts and “didn’t give seriousness to the matter”. The TV room, already taken offline for next season, was an idea of ​​the production company El Terrat, part of the Mediapro group.

Allegedly, MP Dalmases’ anger stemmed from non-compliance on the part of the management frequently asked Questions, the conditions requested by the Borràs team to take part in the interview. The pro-independence leader had attempted to veto the names of some journalists and avoid being examined in the legal case in which she was accused of corruption. But when he left the interview, he said he felt like he had been put on trial.

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