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Deportation prevented in the short term: German impostor Sorokin remains in the US for the time being – Panorama – Society

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Contrary to media reports, German-Russian impostor Anna Sorokin has not yet been deported to Germany. According to US immigration authorities, the 31-year-old man was still in custody in the United States on Tuesday. She even recorded a podcast while she was detained pending her deportation.

Sorokin had given himself a new identity as a wealthy heiress “Anna Delvey” in the US and swindled a lavish lifestyle at the expense of others. In 2019, she was sentenced to prison in the United States for robbery. In February 2021 she was released for good behavior. In March of last year, however, she was arrested again for exceeding her residence permit and incarcerated in a deportation center.

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Sorokin, who was born in Russia, came to Germany at the age of 16 and later graduated from high school in Eschweiler, near Aachen. In 2016 he left for the United States. Since he became world famous through the hit Netflix series “Inventing Anna,” he says he is also working on another documentary series, a book, and a podcast, among other things. According to “Spiegel,” Sorokin apparently received $320,000 for the Netflix adaptation. Most of the money was used for legal fees, fines and reimbursements to his fraud victims.

US immigration authorities suspended deportation

US media reported Monday night that Sorokin would be deported to Germany on Tuesday. The “Bild” newspaper, on the other hand, reported that Sorokin had successfully defended himself against deportation in a short time. His attorney, Manny Arora, told the newspaper another motion was planned to prevent deportation. He told Britain’s “Daily Mail” that the request should postpone deportation for another month.

An emergency residence permit issued in November 2021 will still apply for the time being, US immigration authorities told the German Press Agency in New York on Tuesday. Authorities declined to provide details of the pending deportation “for reasons of operational security.”

Meanwhile, Sorokin continued his media tour. A spokeswoman for the Swedish streaming platform Spotify confirmed to the AFP news agency that Sorokin was a guest on the American podcast Call Her Daddy, a program hosted by Alexandra Cooper that talks about sexuality.

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According to Spotify, the show was “recorded by Anna from the detention center” in upstate New York. It is scheduled to air “for the first time” on Wednesday. On the podcast, Sorokin denied being a con artist, saying, “I’m like an artist,” according to the Daily Mail. (AFP/dpa)

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