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Delivery bottlenecks: Aldi Süd rations cooking oil

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What was toilet paper and pasta at the beginning of the corona pandemic is now cooking oil: Aldi, Rewe and Co. are running out of sunflower oil and rapeseed oil. Some markets are already reacting and rationing the tax.

Currently, cooking oil is in short supply in supermarkets and discount stores (Symbol image: Getty Images)

Enter social networks Posted photos of empty shelves.. This is not a new phenomenon for Corona-affected customers, but it is currently cooking oil in particular that is becoming scarce in supermarkets and discount stores.

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The situation is getting worse, especially with sunflower oil, as “Stuttgarter Nachrichten” writes, but due to the rejection of the Corona crisis and the fact that customers are switching to other varieties, other cooking oils are now also affected. . Previously it had been noted that the prices of sunflower and rapeseed oil had risen. Now there is a shortage of products in many markets.

Cooking oil: out of stock at Lidl, rationed at Aldi

Aldi has already reacted to the bottlenecks and initially reduced the sale of Bellasan rapeseed oil to four bottles per customer. According to “focus.de”, there are now only two bottles per household.

Do customers use cooking oil as a substitute for fuel? Why is this not a good idea?

“We don’t get deliveries anymore,” the magazine quoted an Aldi saleswoman as saying. According to the report, rapeseed oil is currently out of stock at Lidl.

The coronavirus crisis and the war in Ukraine make sunflower oil scarce

The growing shortage existed even before the outbreak of the Ukrainian war. The Corona crisis has had an impact on the supply chains of various products, including sunflower oil, as reported by “Lebensmittelzeitung”. In addition, poor harvests and rising production costs curbed cooking oil production.

But the war in Ukraine has now exacerbated these delivery bottlenecks. Many raw materials arrive in Germany from the country that was hit by the Russian invasion. Ukraine is even the world’s largest exporter of sunflower oil.

Initially this caused prices to rise and is now causing shortages and panic buying. To curb this, other supermarkets could also follow Aldi’s example and ration the fee.

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