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Defendant confesses to raping 85-year-old man

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Ravensburg (dpa) – Surely you could have a good chat with her – the young man is said to have said this to the 85-year-old walker, a stranger to him, shortly before he pushed her down a slope and raped her there in a bush and left her seriously injured.

A pedestrian noticed the helpless woman only by chance an hour later, and a week in the intensive care unit saved the old woman’s life.

Among other things, due to the rape of the 85-year-old woman in Weingarten in Upper Swabia and the attempted murder, a 31-year-old woman has had to answer to the Ravensburg district court since Friday. At the beginning of the process, the man confessed to the crime, but only after a harsh interrogation. First, the 31-year-old said he “didn’t want to comment” on the allegations. He later made a partial confession through a statement from his defense attorney, only to later allege memory gaps during the crime.

Only when the lawyer for the now 86-year-old intervened loudly as a representative of the co-plaintiff did it seem to have an effect on the defendant. With many winks and two “rights”, the man of German and Brazilian nationality admitted to having raped the woman in August 2021 and having left her defenseless, and having sexually abused two other women aged 75 and 64 before his arrest.

The confession at least spared the rape victim extensive questioning. The 86-year-old man was added to the courtroom via video. Since the incident, she can no longer care for herself, the woman said. She has to take four painkillers a day and she can no longer move without a walker.

The elderly woman said that she could still remember the brief conversation with the accused. “She was friendly and spoke normally.” But she only regained consciousness when she lay helpless and bleeding in the bushes. “I also tried to forget everything,” the 86-year-old said. Since then, she often distracts herself with riddles or books, “otherwise she won’t disappear.”

When questioned, the defendant was unable to name a motive for the crime. The 31-year-old man said he was drunk and under the influence of drugs. However, that was not unusual for him. He has not had a permanent residence since 2016 and regularly used amphetamine and marijuana in large quantities.

According to a court spokesman, a preliminary report also indicates a possible schizophrenic illness. In court, the defendant said that in the past several voices in his head had asked him to “test courage” and that he was afraid of a “memory chip” in his stomach, but not in relation to rape. .

Investigators also found evidence of a possible motive on the defendant’s cell phone. According to the presiding judge, there was evidence of visiting pornographic sites with videos of older people. In addition, the young man sent numerous text messages to several women the night before the rape, asking them if they wanted to record sexual videos.

When asked if he really wanted to have sex at the time of the crime, the defendant replied: “I don’t know, it seems like it.” Six days of negotiations are expected for the process and, according to the court, a verdict could be reached at the end of April.

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