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Deaf people celebrate that the “Zerolo Law” includes rejecting people who use sign language as discrimination



The National Confederation of the Deaf (CNSE) has celebrated that the recently enacted law on equal treatment and non-discrimination, known as the ‘Zerolo law’, includes rejecting a person for using sign language as discrimination.

“This is an exemplary measure that expands the protective framework for our group,” said the organization’s president, Roberto Suárez.

As you have pointed out, this measure requires ensuring access to information and advice for people with disabilities through accessible and understandable formats and rejecting adaptations or modifications that encourage the participation and enjoyment of all people without exception.

“It’s as much about being able to access information and communication and community life in sign language, or the resources that every deaf person needs, as it is about not discriminating against deaf people who communicate in sign language.” , Suarez pointed out.

On the part of the federal government, they also emphasize the application objective contained in the law. As it is a transversal law, as he points out, it “reaches all areas of political, economic, cultural and social life”.

In this way, as the CNSE has pointed out, any public policy related to employment, membership and participation, education, health, welfare and social services, access to goods and services available to the public, housing, and media and advertising also be considered to deaf people.

The president of the institution has declared that “equal treatment and non-discrimination do not allow exclusions”. In his opinion, it is “not a question of privileges or majorities” and “it doesn’t depend on disability either”, but it is “an innate right of all people”.

In conclusion, Suárez expressed his confidence that the Zerolo Law will help strengthen a legal framework that supports the promotion of sign languages ​​as a guarantee for the exercise of the rights of deaf people.

“The use of Spanish Sign Language and Catalan Sign Language is crucial to ensure our participation in each area,” he recalled.


Source europapress.es

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