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Dawex technology for data exchange addresses European Data Law and the future fundamentals of regulated data traffic

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The new EU regulation for the Data Act solidifies the crucial role of regulated data sharing in expanding Europe’s dominance and promoting the data economy.

PARIS, March 17, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–More than 80% of business data1 remain unused, so the Data Act addresses the compelling need for fundamental measures for regulated data traffic to make data accessible to all. Giving consumers and businesses control over who has access to their data and for what purpose is a key principle for future action to unlock the vast amount of business data and create a fair and regulated European data economy. Dawex data exchange technology offers platform operators the ability to maintain control of data traffic through a secure and trusted environment for data exchange that provides transparency on what data, for what purposes and in what conditions will be used.

In today’s economy, where data is a product with its own value, not limited to its consumption and source of new revenue streams, Dawex technology allows organizations to create/capture new ecosystems around platforms for data exchange that they comply with the legal framework and meet the challenges of traceability and safety. Dawex is the leading data exchange, data marketplace and data center technology company, whose mission is to simplify and accelerate the secure flow of data between all economic actors.

As the Data Act harnesses the importance of business data traffic to drive data-driven innovation in Europe, Dawex technology has already brought operational and business value to more than 20 industries including agriculture, space, retail , food, automotive, infrastructure, tourism, real estate and mobility shown. Organizations in these industries are supported to address economic, social and environmental challenges.

The next Data Law will be drafted to harmonize the rules for fair access and use of data generated in the EU across all sectors of the economy. Proposed measures include:

  • Easier access to generated IoT data to drive the development of innovative data-driven services

  • the rebalancing of the bargaining position of mid-sized companies to avoid breaches of the data exchange contract

  • access of public authorities to company data in situations of public emergency

  • establish new rules for data and cloud interoperability to facilitate the change of cloud and edge service providers

  • protection against access and illegal transfer of data by non-EU governments

Dawex’s data exchange solution meets all the necessary conditions for data providers, data users and data traffic service providers to comply with the Data Law through a very high level of transparency, flexibility, traceability and control available to all parties involved in the data exchange. Data products can be clearly defined, easily accessed and exchanged for free or for a fee under flexible and fully configurable license terms.

“The aim of the Data Act is to ensure a fair and innovative data economy in Europe by making data more available for reuse to drive data-driven innovation,” said Laurent Lafaye, Co-CEO of Dawex. “From the beginning, Dawex has been committed to offering cutting-edge data exchange technology to create the perfect conditions for secure and compliant data exchange. Dawex’s data exchange solutions are already Data Act compliant.”

Dawex’s Data Exchange, Data Hub and Data Marketplace solutions are available as a white label and are the only solutions on the market that offer such simple, efficient and highly secure ways to exchange data.

“The development of technology for data exchange facilitates the flow of data between all economic players and supports the flexible deployment and coupling of data ecosystems,” said Fabrice Tocco, Co-CEO of Dawex. “The Data Act is another key milestone that validates Dawex’s vision and technology direction for data sharing promoting a strong data economy.”

About Dawex

Dawex is the market leader of data exchange platform, data marketplace and data center technology. Dawex is dedicated to simplifying and accelerating the secure flow of data between economic actors, thereby contributing to the development of the data economy. Dawex was recognized as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum and is a member of GAIA-X and a founding member of the Data Exchange Association. The French company Dawex was founded in 2015 and now operates in Asia, the United States and the Middle East.

[1] Source: European Commission

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