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David Garrett doesn’t want kids yet

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David Garrett credit: Bang Showbiz

David Garrett is far from thinking about offspring.

The 41-year-old star violinist is at the best age to slowly settle down and start a family. But for the musician, home and children are still far away, as he revealed in an interview with ‘Gala’. “We’re taking it easy. It’s not a problem right now,” he says of his relationship with his partner, whose name he doesn’t want to reveal to reporters. However, in terms of home, everything is already organized. “I like it when it’s clean. For me, cleaning is almost meditative. Also, I come from a normal background and don’t know anything other than tidying things up myself,” Garrett continues, “I see it as a sign of respect that I appreciate.” and I worry about things.

The violinist likes to retire to his property in Mallorca to recover from his stressful daily life on tour. There he enjoys the warm Mediterranean sun: “I live in a house with a view of the sea. It motivates me a lot to be outside and look at the water from the terrace with the first coffee in hand in the morning. He just feels very calm.”

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