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David Beckham leaves his Insta account to a doctor


david beckham, 46, a former English soccer player, gives part of his Instagram account to a Ukrainian doctor. “Today I leave my social media channels to Iryna, the head of the maternity hospital in Kharkiv,” he explains on Instagram. In several short clips, scenes from the doctor’s daily life can be seen on his account, in the conditions of the war started by Russia. “Please give what you can to support Unicef ​​and people like Iryna,” Beckham wrote in his video. The city of Kharkiv is located in the east of Ukraine, not far from the Russian border. Beckham explains that he wanted to draw attention to the situation of people in the war zone. His account has 71.5 million followers.

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Rainer Maria Woelki, 65, archbishop, publicly drove a bulldozer in the Kalk district of Cologne. After a five-month break, Woelki appeared in front of media representatives for the first time, at a construction site where a primary and general school is to be built, Cologne media report. The new building should allow for positive meetings, said the cardinal, whose offer to resign has not yet been decided by the pope. The Colonia district of Kalk is considered a social hotspot. On campus, scholars should be supported, regardless of their worldview, until they begin their careers.

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William39, prince, and KateThe 40-year-old duchess must prepare for more protests on her tour of former British colonies. In Jamaica, an alliance of politics, business, entertainment and medicine is demanding compensation for slavery and an apology from the royal family. The alliance announced a demonstration for this Tuesday, reports the British newspaper the Independent. Jamaica played a key role as a center for the British entrepreneurs’ slave trade, and many descendants of forced laborers still live there. There have already been protests against the royal trip on the first stop in Belize.

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Rachel Zegler20, American actress (“West Side Story”), is taken as sporty who did not receive an invitation to the Oscars, how People informed. The leading lady, who plays Maria Vasquez in the Steven Spielberg remake, responded to a fan’s comment on social media (“I can’t wait to see what you’re going to wear to Oscar night”) with: “Pants tracksuit”. But she hopes “a miracle will happen at the last minute.”


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