The landscape is part of the spectacle. I of culture, clarify. The Llac of La Guingueta d’Àneu presents the Seu Nou Disc with Gemma Humet Rere dead aquest fum; or the Church of Santa Maria d’Escalarre with Iratxe Ansa, Igor Bacovich and Francesco Tristano will star in one of the “(im)possible trobadas” that made the festival possible; or the pont de pedra d’Espot, with Carme Sansa, local actor Eduard Muntada and Quico Pi de la Serra will present today the act of homage to the group of people deported from the Valls d’Àneu to the Nazi camps. … “Dansànew has integrated the monumental heritage of the Seves Valls: the Seva architecture, the Romanesque…” said Rut Martínez, director of the festival, “but also their natural, literary, folkloric, oral heritage… That barreja between the dances , Music and heritage is the conductor nostre fil”. The President of the Cultural Council of the Valls d’Àneu, Ferran Rella, wholeheartedly agrees: “The Nostra is a proposal based on excellence that integrates d’on anem to re think … And who transcend the dimension in favor of a high-quality artistic experience, properly dimensioned and tangible in nature”, diu.

Throughout the week, the youngest and most magical people from these valleys, from Pallars Sobirà, from Isil Fins to Son, from Escaló to Esterri, from Unarre to Sorpe, have the best sets for the dance. I for the culture. Martínez partyx d’una vindicació: “In the valley we didn’t have a theater or an auditorium with a fixed programme,” he recalls. “Donc’s access to culture must be made as an outpatient claim.” Amb Dansàneu, hi represents a great surprise: “Noms d’artistes programmed to other llocs, but they don’t have to come here, doncs els portem”, he explains, to threaten his “pride aneuenc”. “We offer the opportunity to see interesting proposals and the public responds. Hello, there are people from the area who will see everything and also, hello, there are people who trust us and who always come because it’s worth it .”

Martínez also emphasizes the importance that the residencies of the artists who attend the festival have, in a purely cultural context, but also in terms of format and economy. Núria Guiu, National Culture Prize 2022, will lay down the Seu cyberexorcism to an open space and compartment with the public square of Isil Dissabte, in collaboration with five tiktokern who will carry the seven choreographies from the web to the street that will be the stage. The members of the RE- project, led by the musician Adrià Grandia and the dancer by Anna Romaní, present Borén with a stage provocation that synchronizes and reflects tradition. Finally, the company of ballerina Laia Santanach began researching and creating the third part of the seva trilogy about the art, festivity.

“Tenim contacte permanent tot l’any amb els artistes en residencia”, explains the director of the festival. “Esdevenim travel company, els acompanyem us temps (for example accordionist Roser Gabriel from Ribera de Cardós will produce his first CD, The human tree). It is about participating in these creative processes with many common implications and concerns. It is the idea of ​​Laboratori: to offer artists what they need: space, contact…”. In this sense, the lines of collaboration are in xarxa with the Mercat de les Flors de Barcelona, ​​​​​​FiraTàrrega, the Sismògraf d’Olot or the Fira Mediterrània de Manresa for example.

The poster is interesting with around thirty varied suggestions. After two years of focusing exclusively on local projects for the greater cause of the pandemic, they turned to international artists with English improviser esmentat Julyen Hamilton. The English Ballarí veteran will perform at Plaça Major d’Isavarre Divendres with percussionist Núria Andorrà. Among the duets that will perform at the festival, jazz pianist Xavi Torres and flamenco dancer Karen Lugo said veurem. A naturalistic excursion led by Obaga Natura on July 29 ends with a joint recital by the writer Itxaro Borda and the poet Lluís Calvo, who will present the Seu llibre Cor Pyrenees The poem of Fontalba i Gotanegra (ed. Leonard Muntaner). With a desire to add dance to mainly musical shows, the musician and producer Marc Parrot presented at the Esterri festival the onzè disc of the seva race, dissabte veurem veurem, The Fets i l’atzarFent simbiosi amb la dansa de la ballarina Aina Alegre in a nova provatura del cicle Disturbed (im)possible.

Lluny de la massificació (“Santa Maria has room for 180 people like a molt, Son, 100…”, diu Martínez) Dansàneu teases this vocation of closeness, intimacy, in some cases that gives it value. Cloenda will be a guest at the Sorpe on July 31 at 10:30 p.m. with a mix of Víctor Catalàs Universities revisited by actress Elvira Prado-Fabregat and musician Carles Viarnés on the show More lloc per a la fosca. Yes, they will be accompanied by Míriam Encinas-Laffitte, Laia Fortià and the singers of the Càntut Archive (National Culture Prize 2022).

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