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Dancing on a plane Shakira celebrates new achievement amid controversial split from Pique

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Shakira continues to shine after his separation from Pique, and it is that the Colombian reaps successes in her career and looks more beautiful and spectacular than ever.

Her fans agree that the singer now has a special glow, and feels happier and more secure, and this is demonstrated in every post on her networks.

Shakira is not only successful in the program Dance with myself where he is jury next to de Nick Jonas, also just released the song Don’t worry with Black Eyed Peas and David Guetta.

The famous was shown more beautiful and sexy as ever, dancing, moving her hips as usual and with the best attitude.

Shakira celebrates her new achievement by dancing and looks spectacular

Recently, the singer posted a video on her account instagram in which he let see behind the scenes of his video I congratulate you with Rauw Alejandro to celebrate that it has exceeded 150 million views.

“I have the best fans in the world! I can’t believe that #I congratulate you just surpassed 150 MILLION VIEWS on @Youtube and already has more than 100 MILLION VIEWS on @spotify 💋To celebrate, I leave you a special video behind the shooting of the video on my YouTube channel!”, wrote the singer.

But also, Shakira He posted a video on the networks in which the song appears dancing on an airplane with new choreography, to celebrate this new achievement.

In the video you see the Colombian with shorts and a white blazer, with a lace top and yellow transparencies, and loose hair, elegant and sexy look.

“Yes, we are proud of you queen”, “you deserve the best in this world”, “wow how well singlehood suits you”, “she is more beautiful than ever”, “well done Shaki, you deserve all that is good, enjoy and don’t think about Pique anymore”, and “shine with this beautiful light you have”, were some of the comments on the networks.

Source metroecuador.com

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