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Daily Accountability Metro Ecuador 2021

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Sistemas Guía SA Guiasa, whose trade name is Diario Metro, is a private media, part of the franchise owned by Metro International SA.

It is a newspaper with daily circulation. It is domiciled in the province of Pichincha, city of Quito, Av. Amazonas N33 215 Y Alemangia, in the Skorpios building, second floor, office 201. The legal representative is Hernán Cueva Espinosa.


  • Diario Metro Ecuador will report with truthful and verified news, with first-hand sources and with a balance of information from the different parties consulted. In addition, you will comply with what is dictated by the new communication law and it is therefore your responsibility to know all the figures and articles of it.
  • In 2021 Ecuador entered the economic reactivation and Metro Ecuador after identifying that the productive sectors needed support, the editorial line focused on pushing these areas, in addition to creating positive ratings and support for the population so that it remains prudent during the execution of your economic projects.
  • Respect the rules issued by the health authorities on supporting the dissemination of the message during the health emergency registered in the country, as well as on the economic recovery plans, not only of the public sectors, but also of the private sectors.


Coverage of information to different sources and publication in its print and digital media.

  • The purpose of writing any news is to communicate facts and ideas to a diverse audience. Therefore, the writing style should be clear, concise, precise, fluent and easily understandable, in order to capture the reader’s interest and reflection on events.


  • The staff had the necessary equipment to be able to carry out journalistic work from home, in addition to the training necessary for the interconnection of the systems. During the transition to the office, a plan was put in place to take care of the health of the employees, in addition to having all the systems functional and in order.
  • Concerning the production of daily notes, interviews, contacts, research and writing of articles were carried out using digital tools that were immediately put in place, as well as a coordination system through these same channels, which allowed to reach the necessary information for our readers.
  • Preparation of products and notes on specific topics that generate discussion and analysis by readers. This means of communication must promote the integral development of the country, education, science, culture and fight for the liberation of man and peoples.
  • Daily creation of the Intercultural page and educational products on special dates to support knowledge, education and respect for our country and its people.

In 2021 our newspaper returned to the streets with its print edition and at the same time the complete PDF which was in force during the Pandemic was maintained, in which the pages could be viewed, just like in our printed medium.

We keep our print and digital editions fully enhanced. Diario Metro Ecuador also has among its objectives that of entertaining and seeks to reach its readers with fresh content.

  • Creation of specific and duly identified sections with this content that allows entertainment without neglecting the achievement of other objectives.


At the balance sheet close, Sistemas Guía SA Guiasa, Diario Metro de 2021, we have the following data:

ASSETS 1,701,644.03

LIABILITIES 1,484,906.44

EQUITY 216,737.59


The company Sistemas Guía Sa Guiasa complied with its social and tax obligations in 2021, as indicated in the certificates issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Social Security (IESS).


Diario Metro Ecuador participates with citizens through surveys or spaces in which their criteria are collected to give an opinion on issues of the national situation, or they are consulted as sources on their daily lives or the problems they are dealing with confronted. Normally, social networks become a link to find out their opinions on the news that is happening at all times and they can express themselves freely and voluntarily. In addition, citizens can send us their information directly to the emails specified on our website or to [email protected] and [email protected]

During the 2020 – 2021 Pandemic, we have achieved reader interaction through our social networks and discussion of topics through surveys or direct consultations on a referred topic, thus allowing free expression and commentary from those who wanted to give their opinion and argue the different subjects that we show in our media.

Finally, forums have been created in which topics developed by our journalistic team have been proposed, in which the need to know more about the virus that affects the whole world has been particularly reflected.


Citizens have not implemented social control measures against this means of communication.

Source metroecuador.com

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