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Cynthia Viteri: “Guayaquil will not be without electricity”

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The Tisaleo electrical substation who feeds Guayaquil was forcibly besieged by a group of natives involved in the protests who already complete 11 days against the government. This action triggered alarms in Guayquil, city ​​where about 3 million people live; however, Mayor Cynthia Viteri announced this Thursday, June 24 that she has an emergency plan ready.

“We will defend Guayaquil’s electricity supply. We have activated an emergency plan to defend the city’s electricity supply after a group of protesters took control of the Tisaleo substation in Tungurahua,” Cynthia Viteri said on her Twitter account.

Viteri confirmed that “The municipality of Guayaquil manages the guard and surveillance of the electrical substations, so that operations are maintained. Guayaquil will not lack electricity.

Regarding the seizure of the Tisaleo substation, the Minister of Energy and Mines, Xavier Vera, in an interview with Radio Platine, explained that it took place on Wednesday evening, “at first peacefully”, but then “the operators were abducted” by garbage cutting off the electricity service, he added.

However, the factory managed to maintain electricity during an attack that could have affected the city of Guayaquil. Vera did not say if the factory was still occupied.

“It’s not trivial, it’s not random. I believe that there is macabre intelligence work because this position is fundamental,” denounced the portfolio manager.

Source metroecuador.com

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