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Customs uncovered bogus companies during undeclared work investigations


Lower Saxony and Bremen
Customs uncovered bogus companies during undeclared work investigations

Osnabrück/Vechta (dpa/lni) – Customs investigators have discovered two shell companies that have withheld the wages of Polish workers working in Germany. Osnabrück’s main customs office announced on Thursday that four suspects from Germany and Poland were under investigation. From 2014 to 2018, many people in Poland were hired by companies to work in a service and assembly company in the Vechta district.

According to the information, the employees had been self-employed or contracted in Germany. However, there is a suspicion that they should actually be considered dependent employees and should have been reported to the German company as employees. More than a million euros in pension insurance and social security contributions have not been paid, he said. The results of the investigation will soon be presented to the Oldenburg prosecutor’s office.

The investigations began in 2019. At that time, several companies were registered in the Vechta district. In mid-March this year, German customs investigators and Polish police searched the addresses of two companies of suspected contractors in Poland. It turned out that these were private apartments. Contractors were reported, but non-existent and not economically active.


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