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Cup shot scandal at Bundesliga match in Bochum

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The assistant referee had to go to the hospital, the players were furious: After the cup throwing scandal followed by the abandonment of the match in the Bundesliga duel between VfL Bochum and Borussia Mönchengladbach, the police are now looking for the person responsible.

The evaluation of the images is still ongoing, VfL will actively support the police in their investigations, the Bochum team announced on Saturday evening. Among other things, the Bundesliga club reserves the right to “claim damages. Because we assume that VfL will be punished by the association,” the statement said.

Assistant referee Christian Gittelmann was hit by a beer mug on Friday night in the 68th minute when the score was 2-0 for the Mönchengladbach guests. Referee Benjamin Cortus first interrupted the game in front of 25,000 spectators at the Ruhr Stadium, stopping it some fifteen minutes later.

“In the event of a physical attack on a game official, in this case the assistant referee, there is simply no alternative but to stop the game,” Cortus said on DAZN. The cup clearly hit Gittelmann in the head, Cortus said. “He was in a daze, was taken to hospital and is being examined accordingly,” the head referee said. Florian Heft, Cortus’ second assistant, accompanied Gittelmann to the hospital.

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The garbage also caused misunderstanding and anger among the players. “It is very sad that something like this is called a VfL Bochum fan!” wrote Manuel Riemann on Instagram. The Bochum goalkeeper was left without his goal after the break and shouted at the fans in the stretch of stands from which the cup flew.

Riemann’s currently injured teammate, Simon Zoller, also made himself apparent. “We, VfL Bochum, have been writing an incredible story for almost 2 years. This action is disrespectful to all those who work hard every day to experience this journey! Let alone the linesman! YOU he has nothing to do in the stadium!” the 30-year-old wrote on Twitter.

“Of course, it can be assumed that the match will be scored against us,” Bochum assistant coach Markus Gellhaus, who represented head coach Thomas Reis, who was infected with the corona virus, said on the sidelines. Actually, that is to be assumed. A similar case occurred in Hamburg in 2011. During the match between FC St. Pauli and FC Schalke 04, the assistant referee Thorsten Schiffner was also hit by a cup. The match was stopped when Schalke was 2-0 up and then he scored 2-0 for Gelsenkirchen. (dpa)

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