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Cultural trip or idleness by the pool? What your travel preferences say about you


Relaxing by the pool or do you prefer culture in the city? People relax in different ways on vacation. The way you prefer to travel says a lot about your character.

The anticipation of a nice trip can brighten up many a gloomy Monday morning in winter and help us better get through the stressful phases of life. There is finally a glimmer of hope! We have been looking forward to our planned vacation for months.

The way we prefer to travel is very individual. Some of us relax best when we are active, whether on a city trip with countless museum visits or on an exhausting hiking vacation. Other travelers feel more comfortable poolside with a good book. The type of vacation we prefer to do also says a lot about our personality. What type of traveler are you?

What Your Travel Preferences Say About Your Personality

beach vacation

For you, holidays are above all: doing nothing. The best way to relax is at the beach or by the pool and celebrate the break from everyday life with a cocktail, enough reading and a nap or two. Culture and outings? Good for you in moderation, but you don’t want to stress yourself out. But sometimes it would do you good to think outside the box.


They belong to the minimalists and do not need a lot of luxury to relax. They therefore love simple holidays under the tent! In any case, you feel more comfortable when you can be in nature without too many frills. In the hustle and bustle of everyday city life, you are often stressed. When you’re not traveling, don’t forget to take a short break.

Road trip by van

The only real way to travel for you is the road trip? You like the flexibility that the motorhome gives you. But staying a few more days in this beautiful place or spontaneously changing the travel route? No problem! You are open and spontaneous, even if you sometimes find it difficult to concentrate on one thing or choose an option.

luxury cruise

Do you need at least five stars to even think about relaxation? For you, traveling means seeing the most beautiful places in the world and not giving up any comfort. A luxury cruise is therefore your favorite form of vacation. Some people may perceive you as a little superficial and even arrogant. But it hurts your self-confidence.

Mountain hiking stay

They are always looking for the next adventure. You have to push yourself to your limits – both physical and mental. Challenging mountain hikes are therefore your favorite way to travel. You need thrills! However, they also get bored quickly in everyday life and are always looking for a new kick.

City tour with cultural program

When you travel, your main concern is to learn. You want to discover something and need a lot of information to quench your thirst for knowledge. Museums, culture and history are the most important ingredients for your dream vacation. What tires others, doesn’t really recover you. But sometimes you forget that your fellow travelers might not have as much power as you do. Don’t forget the coffee breaks – after all, you’re on vacation, not on the run.

Solo backpacking trip

A holiday with the whole family? Absolute horror for you. You prefer to travel alone because you are very independent and know exactly what you want. A great backpacking trip to Asia or South America is your dream trip – solo, of course. They are rather introverted. It doesn’t mean that you are inherently uncomfortable around other people. But you need time and space to reflect on what you experienced on the trip. As a result, you sometimes lack a little flexibility and adaptability.

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