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Cuines de xefs … gifts of the senses

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Family documents (photos, super 8, videos) are a very valuable material in documentaries, with the purpose they serve. Mireia Ros goes through films of thirty families to rebuild a certain Barcelona Abans that the Temps ho isborri. They are testimonies of the early twentieth century and of the social, cultural and family life of the “Catalan patriciate”, as Sergio Vila-Sanjuán correctly defines it. A life narrated by the writer Javier Baladía, referring to the records of his family and an extinct man belonging to an elite with notable examples of bohemianism. The domestic films, which have been directed by Dr. Andreu’s family Madronita, in particular his travels, are the foundation d’A moment in someone else’s life, by JL Lopez Linares and Javier Rioyo. A my mexican pretzel, Núria Giménez will serve the 16 and 8mm cattle that will film the Seu Avi to build a story. Etc.

Doncs bé, Sílvia Subirós, apart from digging in other archives, agafa les pel·lícules que seu avi, Josep Mercader, basically escenes familiars i de seva woman, Anna Baret, to build a thesis: with històricament s’ He has the donut separated from the large cuina dels xefs. It’s title The kitchen of the homes I’m an assumption that we can talk to the owner about. The seu avi will be the one that will bring the Empordà Motel to Figueres. The documentary does not have an accusatory ceiling for the Seva Família homes. “A les grans cuines had no gifts, they were all male brigades. And it’s not my Avis or my partner’s fault [Jaume Subirós]. You will not prevent Dona from being capped. You just won’t believe that the family’s donut chef could be a chef. It was an idea inherited from com s’havia d’organitzar una cuina. Jo no soc cuinera perque no vaig voler. I al meu pare, that ens ha donat total llibertat as fills per triar que volíem fer, nor will li questions-m’ho go”. And it is in a conversation of the documentary amb la filla that in Jaume Subiró’s s’adona que mai no li va fer aquesta ask. The three Germans from Silvia work in the motel. “It was a collective unconscious, they are questions that society asks ens hem fet més tard”.

Paradoxically, Jaume Subirós always declared that the origin of restaurants is female. Ho goes to Silvia for a Batxillerat Treball. “When an industrial decline took place in Lió at the beginning of the 19th century, many Minyones suspected that they could prepare fine menjar i el serveixen as bouchons Market days they are them more“. I the just Brazier, the first donut to earn three Michelin stars, will donate the first few stars to Paul Bocuse, a good friend of Mercader’s. Havien nascut the mateix all. Josep Pla, who wrote about some great chefs from l’Empordà, including, logically, his friend Mercader, “but the book has no Cap Dona”. “Me’s faces. The bona cuina does not initially stand above the professionalism of geniuses. L’avi explained that the gifts of l’Empordà anaven returned to fer la verema a França i amb receptes noves, millorades. The bona cuina empordanesa surt de les seves cases”. I això certainly explains the excellent creations of Mercader with the fried spina d’anxova inherited from the culture of the “tot s’aprophytic” of the humble cases. “L’àvia del meu pare, to support the house goes fer de cuinera”. I malgrat tot això, the gifts have trigat skin to enter the encyclopedias on xefs.

The film also explains the creation of the Motel Empordà. Mercader (1926-1979) learned the secrets of great cuisine to the singing of Pere Granollers, who brought the Bufet de l’Estació to Portbou. A testimonial from the documentary assures that Mercader will be a chef with Marie-Antoine Carême, one of the creators of haute cuisine, but does not win passar. When a group of Suïssos opens Motel Empordà n’hi, they offer the address. It was June 1961. That summer, an eleven-year-old boy named Jaume Subirós came to d’aprenent to exchange food and tips. Mercader, thanks to the Frontera Motel that Lavors had arrived in La Jonquera, on, after the net life, three thousand entrepans a day came to the tourists who passed, they will be able to buy the Swiss at the Figueres Motel and will start a unique gastronomic adventure . He and his wife will die soon after, and Subirós, who was not the father who accompanied him to the market and associated him with all the mysteries of the house… he was to take charge for 30 years.

For the documentary, Sílvia Subirós collected various testimonies from workers and her father, but only donated images of the xerrada amb la mare, Anna Maria Mercader. “I wanted to put the female stories at the center of the film.” And the outstanding protagonist of the fish of the archive is l’àvia. Sílvia will not know her serious avis, but l’àvia had a reputation for being a person with a strong temper. One of the most treasured scenes for Sílvia is a sequence in which two films are involuntarily superimposed, creating an ore of phantasmagoria. Thanks to this mistake, “it’s one of the few moments when the couples get together with the girls.” Hi has Escenes Familiars, Passejades de l’àvia, Moltes Passejades. The saddest thing is what happens to Lourdes, surely the marriage falls apart because there was no cure for her cancer. Regarding these family scenes being filmed for the avi, Sílvia had some unanswered questions: Why didn’t the via lead to the motel opening images? And another with more fondària: what would you film if you were the one with the camera? Some movies that don’t have any family intimacy whatsoever. “Les pel lícules de l’avi m’han impet a fer aquesta”. Ara, the camera is carried by the net, author of other documentaries. “I’m not a cook with my avi, but I’ve also made films with her privately”.

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