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Cuenca: The Ecuadorian Red Cross will lead a humanitarian corridor so that oxygen and essential products reach Cuenca

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Following the will of the leader of CONAIE, Leonidas Izas, to organize and allow the passage of “Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Corridors” to the city of Cuenca. It is expected that tomorrow, Monday June 27, 2022, a convoy of medical oxygen, as well as basic necessities, will leave from the Molleturo region first thing in the morning, as confirmed by Matías Abad, Governor of Azuay at a press conference.

These after the authorities indicated in the early morning, the attack on a convoy of food and medicine that was moving on the Cuenca-Molleturo road. Also warning that the lack of oxygen for hospitals puts critical patients in mortal danger.

According to a statement from the Ministry of Health in Azuay, only in the Vicente Corral Moscoso Hospital, at present, 231 patients are hospitalized, of which 51 come from critical departments, such as adult intensive care, pediatrics, neonatology and the trauma center. The oxygen capacity at this time is 1,480 kilograms, which puts them in an emergency situation, considering that the supply would only last until Tuesday.

Cuenca without gas, without fuel and with basic necessities at high prices

Regarding this issue, the Governor of Azuay said that the fuel will arrive with this humanitarian and supply corridor and it is expected that in the first hour of the morning, Monday, June 27, 2022, the gas stations will be able to count on the product , without However, he pointed out that there is also a license for the sale of gasoline with an additional octane rating of 85.

Lack of road connection

The roads that connect Azuay have been disabled since the start of the national protests, and in response to this there has been a shortage of products in the markets, becoming up to 100% more expensive..

Tubers, eggs, chicken, meat, fruit, among other products, have either arrived in poor condition at Cuenca’s main supply center, El Arenal, or have not arrived, comment those who work here, who also announced a march and the closure of markets in the absence of products.

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