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Cucumber and aloe vera: Know this trick to take care of your skin

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The skin is a bulky organ and exposed to free radicals, the passage of time and poor dietary habits. With time the collagen that keeps the skin firm and toned begins to stop occurring naturally and the first signs are noticed on the face, neck, arms and abdomen.

That’s why they exist professional and home treatments that help balance the skin’s PHespecially on the face, which usually reflects fatigue and health issues.

“Many products advertise skin revitalization or wrinkle reduction, but the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has only approved a few for sun-damaged or aging skin. multiple treatments to hydrate dry skin and reduce the appearance of age spots. Medline PlusUS National Library of Medicine website.

If wrinkles bother you, you have more options than ever to smooth them out or make them less noticeable.. Medications, exfoliation techniques, fillers, and surgery are some of the most effective anti-wrinkle treatments. Mayo Clinic.


Cucumber must be consumed for proper absorption of all its properties. However, it can be used in slices on the face to refresh and hydrate the skin. As is known, this vegetable contains vitamins A, C, folate, potassium and selenium. “Vitamin A is essential for healthy skin, eyes, gums and hair, vitamin C improves iron absorption and helps prevent infections and colds, and both have antioxidant action,” he quoted. 5aldia.cl.

Aloe vera is very beneficial for its nutrients

For its part, aloe vera or aloe vera helps regenerate the skin thanks to its vitamins A and C, as well as certain amino acids and anthraquinones, which are used to treat skin conditions such as psoriasis. Its crystal is used to soothe bites, disinfect wounds and burns as it has obvious healing properties.

The e-tips web portal highlights the benefits of a mask prepared with aloe vera and cucumber to rejuvenate the skin.

How to make the mask?

cited The week that the mask does not replace consulting a dermatologist, as medical advice will always be the best way to treat any skin condition. The mask can be made for cosmetic purposes but not for medical treatment.

Among the ingredients, the mask contains half a cup of water, half a cup of chopped cucumber, half a cup of aloe vera gel and 1 vitamin E capsule.

Try this face mask at home

Preparation: Put the water, the chopped cucumber and the aloe vera gel in the blender. Process for several minutes. With a knife, open the vitamin E capsule and place its contents into the mixture. Cleanse and dry your face well before performing the procedure. Apply the product with a brush all over the face, especially in areas where there are wrinkles or sagging. Let her work all night. The next day, rinse thoroughly with water, quoted the medium.

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