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CSC Unveils 3D Domain Surveillance Solution on DomainSec℠ Platform

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Ongoing CSC research indicates that over 70% of brand domains are fake

WILMINGTON, Del., March 17, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–CSC, a global leader in business, legal, tax and domain security solutions, today announced its powerful new 3D domain monitoring solution as part of the DomainSec platform. 3D Domain Monitoring provides an immediate, multidimensional view of threat vectors targeting enterprise domain portfolios. It allows businesses to identify suspicious or malicious domains created by third parties designed to confuse customers with fake websites, scams or phishing attacks.

The registration and use of fake branded domains, with the intent to defraud and commit cyber attacks, is rampant. “According to an analysis of four CSC research initiatives over the last three years, 7 out of 10 domains containing brand names on the Internet are fake,” said Mark Calandra, president of CSC’s digital brand services business. Often the target is a malicious domain. records on abusing customers’ trust in the target company to launch phishing attacks and digital brand abuse, resulting in lost revenue, redirected traffic, and diminished brand image.” In addition, one-third and nearly two-thirds of fake domains are set up through MX records, allowing them to run phishing campaigns.

“In today’s world of zero-trust security models, the first line of defense for many organizations is to proactively monitor and mitigate threat vectors targeting their global domain ecosystem,” said Ihab Shraim, chief technology officer of the CSC’s digital brand services business. that phishing and branding attacks often begin with the registration of misleading and malicious domain names, created by compromising or hijacking legitimate domains or subdomains, or by using emails with malware attached. with an attached link that causes a redirection to a fake website owned by a malicious actor to inject malware using a browser vulnerability.”

For companies managing multiple brands with hundreds or thousands of domains in their portfolios around the world, quick detection and deactivation of these fake and malicious domains is crucial. 3D Domain Monitoring provides a multidimensional view of threat vectors targeting specific domains. Clients will have the ability to mitigate risk and threats by taking swift and effective compliance action using CSC’s unparalleled range of compliance options.

To learn more about CSC’s fake brand domain registration and usage analysis, visit our blog.

About CSC

CSC is the Trusted Supplier of Choice for Forbes Global 2000 and Top 100 Global Brands® is the preferred provider of corporate domains, domain name system (DNS), digital certificate management, and digital brand protection and fraud protection. As global organizations make significant investments in their security posture, CSC can help them understand known cybersecurity vulnerabilities and protect their brands and digital assets online. By using CSC’s proprietary technology, organizations can improve their security posture to protect against cyber threats targeting their online assets and damaging their brand reputation. This allows them to avoid devastating revenue losses and significant financial penalties due to regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). CSC also offers online brand protection, a combination of online brand monitoring and compliance activities, taking a holistic approach to protecting digital assets, along with anti-fraud services to combat phishing. Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, USA since 1899, CSC has offices throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia Pacific. CSC is a global company that can operate wherever our customers are, and we do this by employing experts in every business area we serve. Visit cscdbs.com.

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