Ethiopia: Is a New Bitcoin Mining Oasis Emerging Here?

by Sunny Batt

Ethiopia: Is a New Bitcoin Mining Oasis Emerging Here?

Chinese Miners Flock to Africa

Is Ethiopia poised to become the next hub for Bitcoin mining activities? Recent reports suggest a growing interest from Chinese mining companies, attracted by favorable conditions and sustainable energy sources in the country.

The Appeal of Ethiopia

According to Bloomberg, mining companies are increasingly investing in Ethiopia’s infrastructure, with the majority of them originating from China. The primarydriver for this migration is the affordable electricity supply in Ethiopia. Unlike regions such as Texas, where the arid climate increases the costs of cooling mining equipment, Ethiopia offers a cooler climate, thus reducing operational expenses significantly.

Cost-Effective Energy

One of the most appealing factors for miners is the remarkably low cost of electricity in Ethiopia, priced at just three cents per kilowatt-hour. Additionally, miners have access to sustainable energy sources, with 92% of the country’s electricity generated from hydroelectric power.

Future Outlook

Industry experts, including Nuo Xu, the founder of the Chinese Mining Association, predict that Ethiopia will become one of the preferred locations for Chinese mining companies. This trend is further reinforced by China’s ban on Bitcoin mining activities in 2021, which prompted many companies to seek alternative locations.


Ethiopia’s emergence as a potential Bitcoin mining hub underscores the shifting dynamics in the global mining landscape. With its favorable climatic conditions, affordable electricity, and commitment to sustainable energy sources, the country presents a promising opportunity for miners seeking to capitalize on the growing demand for cryptocurrencies.


Q1: Why are Chinese mining companies showing interest in Ethiopia?

Chinese mining companies are attracted to Ethiopia due to its affordable electricity prices, cooler climate, and access to sustainable energy sources, factors that significantly reduce operational costs compared to other regions.

Q2: What percentage of Ethiopia’s electricity is generated from hydroelectric power?

92% of Ethiopia’s electricity is generated from hydroelectric power, offering miners access to sustainable and cost-effective energy sources.

Q3: What prompted Chinese mining companies to explore alternative locations outside of China?

China’s ban on Bitcoin mining activities in 2021 led to a search for alternative locations by Chinese mining companies, with Ethiopia emerging as a promising destination due to its favorable conditions.