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criticism | Víctor Nubla: Happy Nihilism

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Letters to Mary

Victor cloud

Angle, 2022

168 pages. €11.40

“He was a musician, a poet, a designer, an illustrator, a writer, an activist, an artistic terrorist, a political dissident, a cultural manager, an eccentric rondinaire, a pataphysical prankster, a stratospheric cuiner, an explorer of the inside and outside Human limits, a mentor, a friend, spiritual father, charismatic leader, generator of connections, friendships, projects and memorable events”: Aleix Salvans described Víctor Nubla (Barcelona, ​​​​​​1956-2020) in the presentation of Letters to Maryone of the two posthumous books that will coincide with the bookshelves – the other is Illustrious biographies of Breus characterswhereby the author himself said that “in the first years of life he will be the steward of primates dedicated to the lighting of miniature cotxes of the Norev brand”, in addition to founding “the chemical laboratories of olive oil , alcohol and mercury.. .”- and they come to confirm that William Carlos Williams was not mistaken when he said that he had not done that both, a distortion of the imagination, could not be otherwise.

Víctor Nubla: Happy Nihilism

Illustrious biographies of Breus characters

Victor cloud

Male Herbes, 2022

116 pages. €11.40

The readers who don’t want to miss the readingGlieses gifta police case involving comic book mechanics and deliberately seeking the popular arrests of reading, or metallurgya murderaç dystopia about mechanized working life with some dracs s’acabaven revolting against l’explotació, you know the literature of Víctor Nubla advises extreure brots banal comics, from the absurd bitter and fins i tot de l’extraordinari, and that creates some strange fantasies, like building some basic mythical llocs – in the manner of an Alejandro Jodoroswky you stumbled upon with Kurt Vonnegut’s attention – because the reader felt immersed in espurnejante religious tension, or as if you the legend of a shape of would draw convivium universal on tot is fongués en tot, but with the peculiarity of not revealing more to the reader who is ignorant, and to construct more than just one version of the humorous and funny reality, full of lleugeresa -d’horror diàfan, also-, deixés sense resoldre l’al lucinant of the trivial cerimònies it narrates.

Com si dugués to practice the way the protagonist of The Cap Pendergast investigationa detective investigating inexplicable, impossible-to-understand fets, confining himself to ascertaining, proving and determining existence without locating the will-hi cap concloent interpretation, in the lyrics of Letters to Mary Víctor Nubla also examines the reality surrounding her, the city and its inhabitants, politics and religion, science and nature, history and culture, as if fighting some mysterious and paranormal incidents that don’t need interpretation – the price of the “right conclusion”. ” – and to enrich oneself spiritually, the complexity of the experience and the surprise that follows is enough. Letters to Maryeloquently subtitled “Instructions patafísiques per a la vida” is a book of its own that takes a journey through the quotidianitat deixant – guided by a rectified bruixola per ell mateix, as if practicing a happy childhood with an inexhaustible imagination with the maddening meticulousness of an engineer or with the rigorous logic of a madman.

“The horrible Malaltia d’Alzheimer would be the definitive answer to culture (or seva denial” -Google and Internet, Potser?-“) reads a footnote on the page of Letters to MaryYo Illustrious biographies of Breus characters It’s not the inn on the stage: in the year 2525, the cataclysms and the wars have destroyed civilization, and a retinue of historians, as if digging some novelists of the past, begins to recover the knowledge of a man who does not exist and configure a first encyclopedia with the vines of the most important personalities of the past centuries. Between Deliri and Desvari – Immanuel Kant was to become a “fearsome warrior”, Thomas A. Edison a “famous beekeeper”, Fellini’s colleagues ran a bar in the main square of Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Billie Holiday was a “Champion of França”. de llançament de globus aerostàtics” and Marlene Dietrich “painter and illustrator of the Bible”-, to Illustrious biographies of Breus characters sembla, as if Víctor Nubla corrected Ray Bradbury’s optimism Fahrenheit 451 I imagined what could happen if it’s bad memoritzessin els llibres salvats de la crema. Víctor Nubla teaches, informs, refines tastes and stimulates thought, but above all he requires that he obey the laws of pleasure, the first of which is the freedom to renounce all the previous ones and immerse oneself in pleasure, to which one arrives at it as if it were militancy in a happy nihilism.

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