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criticism | ‘Toronto’, by Felip Bens: The Guilty Passat


Larry Forlati, the detective living incognito in Toronto, Canada, would serve as Philip Redbean’s alias, a homage to Raymond Chandler’s Marlowe and the cop’s nickname – Cigró Roig – who helped him escape from the deadly Perills that concludes Valencia a; But just as the heroes of the classic black novel were Bents de Passat, Felip Bens (El Cabanyal, València, 1969) followed the line that does not seem to have been in the new criminal novel, endowing it with painful records of by Family dramas and personal traumas, as if the Passat were to blame.


Philip Bens

Books of the Drassana, 2022

328 pages. €20.85

Larry Forlati, who goes literary to El Cas Forlati in 2015, belongs to an Italian family who fled to Valencia in 1930, to a linatge with mafioso links and criminal activities, to a white woman who banishes herself to England and Esdevé l Has. Home that would become Marlowe, as announced the subtitle of the first novel in the series, as Felip Bens would return to confirm the truth that the parody is the repetition of tradition with a critical distance Black novels and crime films and if the mother dies, she returns to Valencia and finds a detective agency, confronts the knowledge of her passport as if she were investigating the revelation of a perpetrator – accused of the big business of the family – falls in love with the lady he did not love, and professional ingenuity leads him to solve the case that started him on a Viure d’Amagat Toronto, manager of a bookstore specializing in crime and mafia literature, specializing in classic and modern and in a selection of millions of films of these genres. As Larry Forlati seems to be investigating his own assassination in the future because the tentacles of the mafia he is pursuing have not ended as the endless repercussions of the Sicilian family present themselves in various ways, and he now confirms that crimes are a form of the social Relationship that changes because it does not change, while the times of fiction return to the past and space of expansion – offered the Quotidianitat in Canada, those in Valencia and Barcelona, ​​​​​in Mexico and Sicily, Com Si Fossin unes Guies de Viatge – Toronto reader is Deixa Endur Plaentment according to la Traça amb Què felip Bens Trenca The routine of black narration.

The macabre episodes, endowed with the violence of a ritual elegance, are not lacking in Toronto; The different actions are mixed sense entrebancar-se and the subtleties of the intrigues do not stop; Thanks to the family relationships, the drama between the characters is in the most intense moments, a tragic air that props the anecdotes of the transition between the revealing and essential images of the plot. and the secondary characters, in fact, form a heart that goes beyond the decorative character and is fully inserted in the depth of the avatars of fiction, as if from the chronicle of the successes S’humanitzés and tothom fos prone to the errors, al somieig ia The fantasy, in the background some seducers as sentimental as Larry Forlati. Toronto may lack an element of moral tension. Surely it would be convenient to smother the sentimental tone or the excessive pursuit of the affection of human relations or the good conscience of a military man in goodwill at all costs, but thanks to the verbal plasticity, but thanks to the narrative precision, to the figurative power has Felip Bens wrote a novel which is Llegex d’una Glopada.


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