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Crisis in Cuenca: a humanitarian convoy traveling to Cuenca-Molleturo was attacked with explosives

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The situation in Cuenca is critical. Authorities said a food and medicine convoy was attacked while traveling on the Cuenca-Molleturo road. They also warned that the lack of oxygen for hospitals is putting critical patients at risk of death.

This road is a main artery connecting Guayas and Azuay and has been blocked by protesters.

For his part, the Minister of Production, Julio José Prado, described the attack on this convoy as an act of vandalism since it was also transporting oxygen for hospitals.

Cuenca is in crisis as it experiences shortages of food, medicine, fuel, gas and supplies.

This was answered by President Lasso on his Twitter account, where he indicated that you cannot gamble with the lives of Ecuadorians. “You cannot gamble with the lives of Ecuadorians. The lack of oxygen for hospitals in Cuenca is critical. In Molleturo, the humanitarian convoy heading for Cuenca was attacked with explosives. Vandals!! they cannot endanger the lives of citizens. I call for peace,” he wrote.

For his part, Juan Zapata, president of the national COE, warned that there were violent demonstrators on the Cuenca-Molleturo road, saying that a policeman had been arrested and three members of the public force had been injured. “It complicates the situation and leads to high alert,” said Zapata, who urged leaders to let the convoy pass.

Source metroecuador.com

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