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COVID-19 Updates: California Announced to Reopen Schools, The Storms has Slow Down the Vaccine Distribution

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The ongoing winter storms have affected more than 2000 vaccination sites for the Coronavirus, which has slowed down the pace of vaccine dosing according to health officials in a report published on Friday.

Almost one-third of the States of the United States of America reported delays in vaccine shipment. The distribution partners of the government are facing all types of challenges because the workers can not get to the workplace due to heavy snow that is making delays in vaccine transportation. According to Andy Slavitt, Senior advisor at White house for Covid-19 response.

The vaccine is in factories and distribution hubs is safe and sound. On Friday more than 1.4 million doses were transported to the different vaccination centers. 

Mr.Slavitt said that all the doses that are blocked due to the weather conditions will be delivered within the next week through UPS and FedEx.

Slavitt also added, they will be able to catch up, the weather condition does not matter too much for our team and workers. We will work together, from the manufacturing place all the way to vaccination distributors and receivers. We will complete this mission in the upcoming week.

Slavitt also announced that the United States of America is going to open more community vaccination centers in different five areas such as Philadelphia, Florida, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville.


Dr.Anthony Faucy said on Friday that FDA is reviewing the data provided by Johnson & Johnson’s Vaccine and plans to consult the agency’s advisory committee on 26 Feb and we will soon hear good news from the authority.

Pfizer announced on Friday that they are getting permissions for storing the vaccine in normal pharmaceutical freezers instead of high cold temperature freezers that are currently required for vaccine storing.

California legislators agreed to get back students in classrooms this spring after tense negotiations following months of closure because of coronavirus pandemics.

President Joe Biden Visited Pfizer’s facility of COVID-19 vaccine manufacturing in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He continues to make the case for his relief package for COVID-19 worth 2 trillion us dollars. As they are preparing to push it through congress.

In the last seven days, the United States of America reported less than 2000 new deaths by Covid -19 on a daily average, for the first time since the beginning of December.

USA Today reported that the data of Johns Hopkins Shows that the deaths reported in this week are 41% less than the previously reported deaths in the last weeks and months.

In Florida, Two women passed as older than their ages to get the vaccination. They were turned away from getting a second dose of the vaccine and got a warning from Orlando authorities. Michelle Guido, the official spokeswoman of the Sheriff’s office told the Orlando Sentinel that these women changed their birthdays on their registrations for vaccination to bypass the system of the state, according to which vaccine is prioritized for the people of 65 years and above. According to an officer they also attempted to disguise themselves by doing so.

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