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Latest COVID-19 updates: Britain Going to Open Lockdown which Threatening US; Texas, California report Fewer Hospitalizations.

Britain announced Monday that it is going to undo the world’s tightest blockade of COVID-19.

The public health officials of America are watching it closely. The CDC ( the centers for disease control and prevention) says that more B.1.1.7 transmissible COVID-19 variants found in Britain. And this variant found in the areas along with the US borders.

There are more than 1688 cases of variant coronavirus in the United States of America that can spread more easily than the previous one. And it has resistance to treatments and the immune system. The United States can exceed 500,000 deaths according to some experts, which is twice that of any other country. As published in an article of US Today.

Epidemiologist Trevor Bedford of Seattle-based cancer research center Fred Hutchinson tweeted on Twitter that coronavirus cases in the US are on the decline as October may increase rapidly due to B1.1.7. He also added that there is a lot of evidence that the rate of increase can reach 50% due to variant B.1.1.7 in the country for the month of March.

Cell microbiology professor Mr. Simon Clark from the University of Reading said that there is much evidence to suggest that the British variant is more dangerous and fatal, this possibility was first raised by a British scientist and researcher.

Anecdotal evidence from different health centers and hospitals, but not from studies, has shown that variant B.1.1.7 has harmed younger people more than the older virus above. He also added that it is too early to draw full and firm conclusions.


  • The California Hospitals have decreased the number of patients of COVID-19 to less than 7000, which is more than a third over two weeks. The same story is in Texas according to the health officials of states. The data of texas state shows the lowest number of patients was on Sunday since November.
  • Idaho health officials declared Sunday that the weekly number of cases in the state has dropped below 250 daily infections, which was recorded in September last year. According to the Idaho statesman.
  • White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that on the delivery of vaccine doses, Jen said that about 2 million vaccine doses were delayed due to severe weather. But we’ll catch up with the fall this week.
  • Abby Adair Reinhard’s father dieted coronavirus before 10 months. The New York woman Rochester, whose death generated empathy across the country, continues to grapple with the loss.

The Pandemic Could Mostly Disappear in April According to Hopkins Experts

The teacher of Johns Hopkins School, Marty Makary teaches at Bloomberg School of Public Health said that pandemics will go by April.

In an article published in the Wall Street Journal, Makary said that infection across the country is declining rapidly, adding that the death rate in the United States shows that the immune system is much broader than is recognized. He also said that Mr. Scott, the former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration, says that about 250 million doses of vaccines will be distributed by the end of March.

Some medical experts also agree with Makary’s prediction but said that Makary shouldn’t do this publicly, it will make people complacent and not take precautions or refuse to take the vaccine. Makary also wrote that there is no reason to prevent the country from going to a low infection rate.

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