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CoupleOnTour: Encouraging health check after Ina’s stroke

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“Couple on Tour”
Hopeful health update after Ina’s stroke

The couple “CoupleOnTour” Vanessa and Ina

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The “CoupleOnTour” couple Ina and Vanessa are currently going through a difficult period to describe in words: while Vanessa is very pregnant with her first child, Ina suffers a stroke. On Instagram, the new mom shares her fate with her fans.

On July 13, 2022, Vanessa, who forms the influencer duo “Coupleontour” with his wife Ina, announced via Instagram that Ina was in hospital and “the condition seems very bad”. “I can’t tell you exactly what it is right now – but she’s not available and I can’t go to her,” Vanessa told her community. It is now clear that Ina had a stroke. During this difficult period, the couple’s first child was born.

“CoupleOnTour”: Ina’s paralyzed hand shook

Since then, Vanessa has let her fans participate in her new daily life, where joy and pain are so close. Friday, July 29, she was finally able to share a small glimmer of hope with her community: Ina’s paralyzed hand shook! Nevertheless, Vanessa does not want to sugarcoat anything. “She will never be the Ina I had with me a week ago,” Vanessa said on Instagram a few days ago. Although she was in stable condition after her coma, half of her body is still paralyzed. Vanessa was able to talk to him. woman, but the road to recovery is still very long.

“I stick to the fact that it can’t get any worse and it only gets better every day,” the influencer said in her latest online update. But she also points out: “The fact is that Ina won’t be here for a very long time. And I have to take care of it first. But it’s better that way, because she is being helped there. I couldn’t do it at all help…”

“What are the months we could have years together?”

Ina is currently in early rehab, after which she should go to rehab (Phase C), Vanessa explains. “But when, it’s still in the stars. I’m just trying to carry on here and be there for her and for our daughter. It’s not that easy,” the new mom said. But Vanessa also knows, “What are the months when we could have years together?” In any case, she will continue to document her journey on Instagram.

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