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Countries against the Ukrainian refugee distribution system

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The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) has developed a new registration and distribution system for refugees from Ukraine. The app, called “FREE”, is intended to become a separate system alongside the traditional EASY distribution system for asylum seekers, which works poorly for the distribution and registration of Ukrainians.

They are basically allowed to move freely. Employees of the refugee authorities above all describe the small-scale division according to the previous EASY system as hardly feasible. Buses are always half empty or registered refugees do not reach their destinations.

However, the app encountered massive resistance from the federal states in the testing phase. Therefore, the introduction scheduled for the middle of the current week had to be postponed, the daily mirror of several federal states learned. Internal emails to the BAMF, which are available to Tagesspiegel, document the complaints of the refugee offices of the federal states: they complain that “time spending is increasing significantly, that the system represents “an insurmountable obstacle” and , therefore, is “unsustainable”. ”.

The countries with the fewest refugees are the ones with the most

Countries that have had fewer refugees so far should be particularly aloof, because in the future it should also be possible for them to take in more people at once, at least in the short term., than predicted by the Königstein key. At the request of the Tagesspiegel, a spokeswoman for the Federal Ministry of the Interior only confirmed: The programming of the necessary changes is ongoing. BAMF explained on request that the federal states had already tested for FREE. “The change requests sent by the countries are currently being evaluated and their transfer to FREE is being verified.” Country optimization requests are taken “very seriously”. A spokesman points out that the system will be developed in “a very short time with a close participation of the countries”. According to information from Tagesspiegel, the system should be implemented in the next few days, despite criticism.

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