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Countess Sophie sparks similar hype as Kate


The royal looks of the day in the GALA ticker: Sophie from Wessex secures a sale +++ Talita von Fürstenberg: She shows herself in a very special summer color.

Exciting Royal Family looks in the GALA ticker:

August 02, 2022

Sophie de Wessex’s style is more popular than expected

Along with Prince Edward, 58, and Lady Louise Windsor, 18, Countess Sophie, 57, is taking part in the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham. The 57-year-old is known for her chic yet understated style. She is spotted at the games in a summery look. She wowed the nation in a floral skirt combo by ME + EM and a navy blouse by ARossGirl x Soler Brooke.

Sophie of Wessex in Birmingham

Sophie of Wessex in Birmingham

© Max Momby/Getty Images

Usually, Kate Middleton is known for her outfits that sell out everywhere in seconds. So far: Sophie from Wessex is causing similar hype. Humanity is jumping on the fashion icon’s awesome look. On the ME+EM site, you can see that the skirt is even a favorite of the week and that two sizes are completely sold out. With the beautiful summer look, it’s no surprise that fashion lovers now want this it-piece in their closet!

August 1, 2022

Talita von Fürstenberg: Is it the summer color par excellence?

The 23-year-old is a role model for many fashionistas in this world: Talita von Fürstenberg, 23, presents her latest outfits on Instagram, inspiring thousands of fans. Even now, she seems to have discovered a trend for herself. Because if you look at her latest it-pieces, you’ll notice that she uses the color orange more and more. In one of her latest Instagram photos, Talita is wearing an orange one-shoulder dress and smiling. Her long dress in a crochet look fits perfectly into the dream setting.

The Alaric maxi dress, designed by her mother, also hints at the beauty’s favorite color trend. She poses on the balcony of her vacation spot and conjures up the ultimate summer feeling in the orange wrap dress. Talita von Fürstenberg has definitely found her favorite color for the holidays!

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Source www.gala.de

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