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Corsica… the pearl of France in the Mediterranean

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The island of Corsica is a French pearl in the Mediterranean, rich in picturesque landscapes and characterized by a diversity of cultural manifestations and historical treasures.

Piana is famous for being one of the most beautiful French villages, and the ancient Greeks called this village “beautiful”, and through a quick look at the map, one discovers the splendor of life that 500 people enjoy in the village of Piana. , on the west coast of Corsica, surrounded by a World Heritage site, rising approximately 450 meters above the Gulf of Porto.

Tourists can access it through the winding farm road from the Ajaccio area, flower pots appear on the stairs and stone window frames not covered with plaster, green mountain tops appear from the roofs of the houses covered with brick and many tourists appear sitting in front of the restaurants. or wander among the shops in search of pecorino cheese.


Not far from the small town is the natural miracle “Kalanche”, a strange landscape of red granite rocks where natural factors have shaped the rocks in a way that resembles monsters and mythical creatures.

Due to the interest of tourists to see these sights, traffic is heavy on Panorama Road, through the center of the Kalanche area, with tourists walking in severe turns in rental cars, vintage models and motor homes, and the traffic almost stops when they arrive. reach the narrow strip at the foot of the rocks.

Tourists enjoy the rocky landscape in a more relaxed way from the “Chalet Les Rocher Bleu” viewing platform, and there are many hiking trails starting from the area near the tourist restaurant, and these trails have a charming panoramic view.

“The Chatignera”

The longest of the hiking trails is known as “La Chateignera” and runs through a steep area of ​​pine forests to a small forest of chestnut trees, with ripe fruit hanging from the red mulberry trees along the way.

It seems that tourists cannot climb the steep slopes, and upon reaching the highest point of the tour a pink monolith looms in front of tourists, and here tourists enjoy a wonderful view of the Gulf of Porto.

The hiking trail begins at a kiosk on the farm road to Aruna Beach and descends into low-density woodland, where junipers, red berries and musk trees gleam gold in the bright sun, and side paths are often they branch off from the main road to the edge. from the rocky cliff, and here the tourists enjoy With an enchanting view of the rocky islands scattered in the clear turquoise waters of the sea, the rocky peak “Cabo Rosso” with the watchtower always appears in front of the tourists during the tour.

The direct way to climb the mountain peak is the most beautiful part of the hiking trail, and the tourists climb the hills in a wonderful way. that granite rocks are not slippery, and some simple stairs extend, and piles of rocks indicate that path Ascending.

After climbing the spiral staircase, tourists reach the edge of the tower’s balcony, once used by the Italian guards of Genoa, and here the tour guide Edgar Eberl spread the rubber mat and installed the stove and put the bottles next door, and the tourists would go to take pictures before sunset, and spend the night under the stars or down in the tower if the wind is not conducive to sleeping outdoors.

Scandola Cliffs

And the panoramic view continues the next morning, even before you get out of bed, as the window overlooks the resplendent red cliffs of Scandola behind the bay, and the peninsula is the beating heart of the World Heritage Site, and if want to see it up close, a boat ride is required from the port of Porto, which is a 20-minute drive away and is home to a fleet of tour boats ranging from comfort boats to racing boats.

The tourists chose an elegant and solid rubber boat with a capacity of 600 horses, during this wild trip the tourists move to a world out of the present, this scenario includes red rocks and hills in various colors such as green and black, which seem Solid lava The ship’s captain confirmed that it is volcanic rocks, where rhyolite, basalt and porphyry exploded in a series of underwater explosions.

Shrubs are scattered on rocky peaks and cliffs, and bird nests appear in rocky spiers, where cormorants, gulls and some rare species of eagle vultures live on the peninsula, which have been subject to severe protection since 1975, and in Mediterranean waters. Grouper fish, swordfish and swordfish, moray eels, dolphins can be found frolicking freely.

The ship passes in front of the horizontally stacked basalt columns, which belong to Scandola Cathedral, and also shows a cave whose walls rise 80 meters.

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