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Coronavirus: Seven-day incidence peaks at 1,858

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The number of daily new corona infections in Germany rises to 289,341. Health authorities report 219 new deaths in 24 hours.

Passers-by cross the Luitpold Bridge in Bamberg. © Nicholas Armer/​dpa

According to an investigation by ZEIT ONLINE, the health authorities have reported 289,341 new infections, after yesterday’s value, the second highest since the start of the pandemic. That is, 6,412 fewer infections than the previous day and 38,059 more than the previous week. Week over week, this is an 18 percent increase. According to the new information, 219 new deaths were recorded throughout Germany. That is 76 fewer deaths than in the previous week.

According to research by ZEIT ONLINE, the seven-day incidence is 1,858, this is a previous high. For comparison: the day before the value was 1,812. A week ago, the national incidence was 1,611.

The number of infections is of only limited importance at this time. Testing capacities and health authorities are stretched thin in many places, contacts are only traced to a limited extent. Furthermore, infections are often no longer confirmed by a PCR test in a laboratory and therefore do not appear in official statistics.

Three federal states report maximum values

Among the federal states, Bavaria recorded the highest number of infections with 55,652 cases. It is followed by North Rhine-Westphalia with 50,512 and Baden-Württemberg with 43,186 new infections. At the city and district level, Berlin announced the most new cases with 7,952. The Hannover region reported 4,793 and the city of Hamburg 4,115 infections.

Soest district had the most deaths in relation to that. Coronavirus, there were seven, in Bielefeld six. Four districts each reported five deaths, namely Lichtenfels, Berlin, the Saarbrücken regional association and Leipzig (city).

Three federal states reported a maximum today, namely Baden-Württemberg, Lower Saxony and Saxony. Today there were no new infections in three urban and rural districts.

Since the outbreak of the corona pandemic in Germany, a total of 18,446,478 infections have been reported. 127,279 people died with or from a Covid 19 disease. 76.5 percent of Germans have already received a vaccination dose, 75.8 percent have received a second dose. 58.1 percent of the population is also empowered.

ZEIT ONLINE figures are based on direct information from the districts and are therefore less affected by reporting chain delays than those of the Robert Koch Institute. They can deviate from them accordingly.

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